15 things you don't know about me fr. anthony stoeppel

1. Me and Johnny Cash, we've been everywhere, including traveling to 39 states, I have been to 15 countries. The two next countries I would like to visit: Vietnam and the Philippines.

2. As an engineer at heart, I received a BS in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering from the University of Kentucky. To prepare myself for law school to be a patent attorney, I received a Masters in Public Policy from the Martin School of Public Administration at the University of Kentucky. However, God had other plans for me, so I went to seminary at Holy Apostles Seminary in Connecticut. I received my doctorate from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, Italy. My dissertation answered moral questions regarding mutilation and living-donor organ transplantation.

3. In addition to English, I speak Spanish and Italian fluently with reading comprehension in French and Latin.

4. My grandmother pushed me to learn the piano, starting at age 7. I learned how to play the organ from a fellow seminarian during the two years that we studied together.

5. Over the last 10 years, I have painted more than 15 Byzantine-style icons of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and various saints.

6. My dad is the most successful person I know. In the adventure of his life he married a fine lady, raised three upstanding children, lived the American dream, started his own company and now enjoys retirement as a professional trap shooter at events all over the United States. Life threw Dad many curveballs, but he always adjusted, adapted and improvised with an astonishing amount of hustle to get the job done right and hit the ball out of the park.

7. My passion for automobiles and racing led to me graduate from the Mid-Ohio School of Racing. I attended the Indianapolis 500 for 13 years in a row. I have attended the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix twice.

8. For my 14th birthday, my parents enrolled me in a local welding school. I learned to stick, MIG, TIG, solder and braze weld. Immediately afterwards, Dad put me to work making a lot of gates for our farm. My parents got their money back on that investment.

9. While in graduate school, I worked for John Cirigliano at Clearbrook & Co. LTD, a private equity investment firm and urban in-ill real estate development company. I learned more from him than I did from my classes. It's no surprise that we are still very close friends.

10. Thanks be to God, my parents made the sacrifice to homeschool me. My mother, who never went to college, taught me how to love the Lord Jesus with all my heart, how to live a life of virtue, and how to read. "Learn to read, and you are ready to graduate."

11. For several years our family had a registered Black Angus beef cattle farm. My personal herd got up to nearly 50 head. I grew my own tobacco which I used to roll my own cigars.

12. I am a 4-H National Champion in Livestock Judging, Land Judging, and Meat Judging.

13. My parents gifted me with two great sisters. The one sister has two amazing daughters. Despite the demands of married life, my sisters have both received national recognition for their respective careers in medicine and law. Dad says that he's got all his bases covered: a priest, a doctor, and an attorney for children.

14. During the 2 years I lived in Rome, I had the great privilege of serving Holy Mass for Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis around 20 times.

15. I love being a priest.

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