Letter to the Editor

Fellow residents of Lamar County, your gun rights are under attack.

Association of Lamar County Republicans, along with the NRA on the national level and the Texas State Rifle Association locally fighting progressives in limiting your God-given, natural rights of defense of life and liberty, welcomes Gun Owners of America as one of the newest paladins in the battle.

Rachel Malone, regional director for Gun Owners of America, will be the guest speaker for the Association of Lamar County Republicans at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Red River Fairgrounds.

Malone passionately promotes the right to keep and bear arms in legislation, training and public perception. A nationally-certified firearms instructor, she participates regularly in Run n Gun biathlons and teaches defensive handgun and rifle. Malone has served as the operations director of the Republican Party of Texas and was previously a professional classical musician. She remains dedicated to training others to safeguard liberty and justice for all.

Malone is a new soldier in the battle for your Second Amendment rights and doing a stellar job in opening the eyes and ears to millions of Texans in the dangers of progressives and many socialist Democrats who want you disarmed and harmless to stop their brand of tyranny and the once creeping and now charging attempts to force democratic socialism upon the shoulders of we the people.

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