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Chisum ISD has received its Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas score, finishing with an A rating, Superintendent Tommy Chalaire announced at the school board meeting Monday.

“To me, it’s a direct reflection on those ladies back there and how they take care of this district financially,” Chalaire said, referencing the central office staff.

The FIRST score evaluates the district’s business and operating procedures and requires a passing score of 60. Chisum passed with a 92, documents show.

The board also approved a project for campus police, equipping and detailing a white Impala that will be marked and parked visibly at all times. The final cost of $3,250 includes equipment and outfitting, and the project will be done in-house, the board decided, after Chisum ISD Police Chief Vance Boehler cited an outside estimate of close to $4,000.

Board members additionally decided to cast their 249 Delta County votes for appraisal district candidate Thomas Darden, and their 1,041 Lamar County votes for Kelly Jeffrey.

“I like Kelly,” Chalaire said. “From time to time, he’ll stop by and say, ‘Hey, you need anything? How’s it going? Can I relay any info?’ So he does stop by and communicate.”

Chalaire said Darden was highly recommended by area district staff and would represent Chisum well in Delta County.

District enrollment is also at an all-time high, keeping in line with the annual budget, Chalaire said in his superintendent report.

“Our enrollment is right in line with what we had budgeted for this school year, so that’s good news,” he said.

District construction has been slightly hampered, Chalaire added, and several areas are still in need of asphalt before the previous estimate of Christmas completion. But the board will most likely tour the buildings after their December meeting so board members can see the progress.

The board also approved the wellness policy and parent involvement policy, unchanged from previous versions; and approved public testimony guidelines as required in House Bill 2840.

Macon Atkinson is a staff writer for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6963 or

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