Paris City Hall

Paris City Hall

CORRECTION: Because property at the corner of Bonham and 32nd SW streets is considered a legal non-conforming use having gained the status when the certificate of occupancy was granted, neither the beauty salon nor the house on the property will be affected by a proposed zoning change as reported in Monday’s story “Bonham St. squabble may end hair salon.”


A neighborhood squabble, which allegedly began over a fence and flowers and escalated into municipal court litigation, is expected to play out again tonight at a 5:30 p.m. Paris City Council meeting at City Hall, 107 E. Kaufman St.

Possibly the result of the tiff, a 35-year-old tax business owned by Lisa Short has been forced to shut its doors after it did not receive the required support of City Council for a requested zoning change. Now a hair salon, which has been in business more than four decades, is seeking a similar zoning change.

The change from a single-family dwelling district to a neighborhood service district at the corner of Bonham and 32nd SW streets requested by Planning & Zoning Commissioner James O’Bryan is similar to the request denied Short in late June for her business across 32nd SW Street.

After O’Bryan recused himself, Planning & Zoning gave 6-0 approval to his request July 1, and Paris City Council gave approval at a July 8 meeting. However, a petition with the signature of at least 20% of nearby property owners presented by Kim McCann at the Planning & Zoning meeting has been certified, requiring a supermajority council vote.

According to court documents, McCann’s family successfully sued Short in municipal court earlier this year and then a McCann-led petition forced a supermajority vote at the June 24 meeting that shut the doors on Short’s tax business. At the meeting, Councilor Derrick Hughes recused himself; Renae Stone and Bill Trenado voted against the request and councilors Mayor Steve Clifford, Paula Portugal, Linda Knox and Clayton Pilgrim voted in favor, resulting in a 4-2 favorable vote but short of a super majority.

As with the Short petition, a public hearing and a second council vote is on the agenda for tonight’s meeting. A super majority requires a vote of six council members no matter the number of councilors in attendance.

Mary Madewell is a staff writer for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6976 or at

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