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Local videographers and owners of DeadCat Media, Broadway and Lea Emerson, announced that they plan to produce a video that will nominate Paris as a contestant.

More than one East Texas town is angling for a makeover made for TV.

Besides Cooper and Paris, Clarksville has also tossed its hat into the HGTV Hometown Takeover contest, with the PRIDE group pulling together video for the submission.

Announced Jan. 7, the contest, hosted by HGTV personalities Ben and Erin Napier, aim to tackle an entire city, highlighting and preserving historical architecture while emphasizing what makes the finalists’ city unique, fascinating and special. The show, “Hometown Takeover,” is slated to air in 2021 across a six-episode special event.

The Clarksville video is over 8 minutes long and leads the viewer through the downtown and into chats with residents.

“The best people in the world live in Red River County,” Judge L.D. Williamson said in the video. “However, our housing stock has become dilapidated; that’s where we need your help.”

Mayor Ann Rushing said the city is working on renovations, but still needs help.

“We need to bring that front porch back, that

connectivity to our neighborhoods,” she said.

In Paris, with the help of community members, DeadCat Media owners Dustin Broadway and Lea Emerson put together a video for the city’s entry.

“We started getting bombarded with calls, texts, comments and private messages saying we should put together a nomination for Paris. We both have a huge heart for our community so it wasn’t hard to say yes,” Emerson said.

The Lamar County Chamber of Commerce got on board as well.

“There have already been big moves made to help revitalize the downtown area and I think an opportunity like this could be an amazing jumpstart,” Chamber President Paul Allen said. “I’m excited to see Paris will be entered and have a shot at welcoming HGTV to our hometown.

And in Cooper, two local videographers turned in two videos for the application, one produced by life-long Delta County resident Jeremy Glossup, who teaches at Stone Middle School in Paris, and the other by students in AnnaMarie Valdez’s audio-visual class, Madison Murray, Jolie Slakey, Jakayla Milton, Jessica Swaim, Sydney Hicks, Fedrick Wiley Jr. and Karlee Hicks.

“I make videos on the side,” Glossup said. “When HGTV announced their deal, a lot of people were tagging me.”

Valdez, a teacher at Cooper High School, used the contest as part of her students’ six weeks group project.

“They do all the filming, and they do all the editing, start to finish,” she said. “They think the square could use a facelift. Best case scenario, we’re picked, worst case, we’re not. They thought it was a great idea. They wanted to help the community.”

For the video announcing Paris joining the contest, visit For Clarksville’s video, go to And for Cooper’s videos, Glossup’s video can be viewed at, and Valdez’s student video can be viewed at

Kim Cox is the city editor for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6965 or at

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