Randy Moore and Wife

Fannin County Judge Randy Moore and his wife, Tina, wear face masks she made for them as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to slow the spread of Covid-19.

BONHAM — Fannin County Judge Randy Moore is warning residents to continue to implement safety procedures to slow the spread of Covid-19 as case counts and hospitalization rates in the region and statewide continue to climb.

Moore spoke about the matter Tuesday at the Fannin County Commissioners’ Court, which extended its virus disaster declaration. He said Gov. Greg Abbott’s final stage for the full reopening of the Texas economy depends on lowering case counts.

“All the early things that (Abbott) had asked counties, cities, citizens to do, all the simple things like stay at home if you are sick, wash your hands and wear a face mask, separate between people, keep a distance there — and because of that, we’ve kept the spread and our hospitals from being overrun with people at the beginning. Now that we’ve kind of started opening up, we’re seeing more cases, not just here, but everywhere,” Moore said.

He reiterated the gravity of the situation, talking about the spike in cases in Fannin County, which just reached 80 since testing began in March.

“Covid-19 is going to be around. It’s not going away. A lot of people thought that Covid-19 would just dissipate and it would just disappear. It has not. In one week’s time, we went up 17 new cases of Covid-19 in Fannin County,” Moore said.

He expressed the importance of wearing a face mask, emphasizing that food retailers should do so.

“Anyone involved in the food business needs to be wearing a mask. Our grocery stores have been very good, Brookshire’s and Walmart, you’ll find that they’re all wearing masks, all those people, and I appreciate that,” Moore said.

He also said there will be two more Covid-19 drive-thru testing centers in Fannin County.

“We’re trying to lower the restrictions so that pretty much anyone who wants to go through, can go through and get tested,” Moore said.

The first center will likely be Saturday at the Multipurpose complex in Bonham. The call-in numbers will be available sometime today, Moore said. The second testing center will occur two weeks later.

In addition to discussing Covid-19, the commissioners also accepted the completion of bridge and embankment improvements on CR 2890 and 2680, approved the purchase of personal protective equipment from CARES Act funds, and they revised the interlocal agreement between Fannin and Grayson counties to reflect updated charges for housing inmates.

Precinct 2 Commissioner A.J. Self shared a quote he had heard this week.

“Well I heard this thing this week that ‘a stranger is a friendship that you haven’t started yet.’ We’ve got a lot of growth, we had smart decisions today to make. But just because we don’t want change doesn’t mean that we’re not going to get it. But it’s inevitable that we’re growing, so the best thing to do is be friendly, introduce yourself, try to make things good for them, and we were all strangers at one time,” Self said.

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