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Chisum ISD students seeking a future in high-growth, high-demand occupations will be able to get a head start thanks to a pilot program with Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas.

This school year, Workforce Solutions will offer Chisum students the Career and Education Outreach program to complement the career and post-secondary education guidance currently taking place in the school. A Workforce Solutions staff member, a workforce specialist, will spend time on campus working directly with students. They will connect middle and high school students and parents with information on career opportunities and education requirements. The information will be tailored in content, format and delivery based on the students’ grade level.

The specialist will deliver information to students and parents in a number of ways, including group presentations, individual one-on-one discussions, flyers, brochures, and other printed materials and electronic communication via a mobile app, websites and videos.

Some information will be general in scope, while others will be specific to the student’s career and education interests. This information will include demand occupations, occupational wage rates, internship and apprenticeship opportunities, post-secondary training programs, including costs and payment options, and interviewing, resume writing, and job search tips and tools.

Each specialist is assigned five school districts in the Northeast Texas workforce development area. The specialist will rotate locations, splitting time evenly among the five school districts. A schedule, which includes office hours and structured meeting times for each location, will be provided to students.

Workforce Specialist Lane Williams is proud to be working with the counselors, administrators, parents and students of Chisum ISD. This program is a partnership between Chisum ISD and Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas. The Career and Education specialist program is intended to be an additional resource for students as they begin to make decisions about education, training, and careers after high school.

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