Students chosen as ambassadors for Crime Stoppers

Brianna Thompson with Chisum High School,  and Rocardo Trujillo and Nakariah Turner, both with Clarksville High School were chosen as ambassadors to the state Crime Stoppers ambassador program. 

Representatives from Chisum, Clarksville, North Lamar and Paris campus Crime Stoppers and representatives from Lamar & Red River County Crime Stoppers attended the 25th Annual Texas Crime Stoppers Campus Conference in Odessa, Feb. 10 – 12, 2020. Twenty students and seven adults representing LRRCCS attended the conference. LRRCCS Executive Director William (Buddy) was a speaker at the conference. His presentation, Nonprofit Organizations, Taxes and More, informed attendees that just because their organization is a nonprofit certain taxes exists nonprofits must pay. 

During the conference two representatives form LRRCCS were selected as Student Ambassadors. The Ambassador Program consists of 12 students who are carefully chosen and tasked with setting leadership standards of excellence among their peer groups, acting as role models on their campuses and in their communities, and are also required to complete a series of projects over the course of a calendar year. LRRCCS now has three local high students serving as an ambassador. 

Selected this year were Brianna Thompson from Chisum High School and Ricardo Trujillo from Clarksville High School. Brianna & Ricardo join Nakariah Turner from Clarksville High School as ambassadors from LRRCCS. 

The Crime Stoppers Ambassador Program is a student based leadership program for Texas youth involved in their Crime Stoppers community across the state. 

The mission of the Ambassador Program is, to encourage positive relationships between Campus Crime Stoppers and our communities and inspire lasting changes within individuals through our leadership and unity. 

Students involved in the Ambassador Program will cultivate and strengthen transferable skills, gain leadership experience, and push their boundaries to achieve personal growth throughout their Ambassadorship.

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