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Paris Tractor Supply Co. on Aug. 24 will host animal adoptions, a pet supplies drive and more during its annual Out Here with Animals celebration — a month-long event that recognizes pets, animals and the people who care for them.

As part of the pet-centric happenings, animal lovers will have the opportunity to engage with team members about pet and animal care while supporting local rescue groups that are looking to find a safe home for animals in need.

“Tractor Supply celebrates pets and animals of all shapes and sizes year-round, and with our annual Out Here with Animals event, we get to spotlight our customers, their pets and the local rescue groups that play an integral role in the Paris community,” said Leslie K. Mullins, manager of the Paris Tractor Supply. “Our team looks forward to this event every year, and we can’t wait to welcome our loyal customers and their pets and animals into the Paris store for pet treat tastings, giveaways and more.”

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Aug. 24, the Paris community is invited to visit the Tractor Supply store at 2035 Spur 139 to support local pet adoption groups by helping find a great home for animals in need. Lamar County Humane Association will be participating.

Customers also can support the local animal shelter community by participating in Tractor Supply’s pet supplies drive. Happening all month long as part of Out Here with Animals, Tractor Supply is accepting new sealed food, toys, cleaning supplies and other essential pet accessories such as beds, scratching posts, leashes and bowls to be donated to Paris rescues and shelters.

Contact the store at 903-784-1401 for more information.

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