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The fines levied against a Nacogdoches County man for poaching in Colorado total more than $53,000.

DENVER, Colorado — The fines levied against a Nacogdoches County man for poaching in Colorado total more than $53,000.

The fines are just part of the sentence handed down by a Jefferson County, Colorado, judge last month against 50-year-old Raymond P. Muse, of Chireno, who pleaded guilty to a single felony of willful destruction of wildlife and 11 misdemeanors, including illegal possession of wildlife and hunting without a license, according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service.

In addition to the fines, which do not include court fees, Muse must pay $500 to Colorado Operation Game Thief and $500 to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department, as well as complete a hunter education program. He was sentenced to two years probation as part of deferred adjudication sentence handed down for the felony charge, meaning he’ll have two years probation and is barred from hunting, fishing and trapping in Colorado, or even having a firearm in the state.

The suspension of hunting and fishing privileges in Colorado will be honored by all 48 member states through the Wildlife Violator Compact.

Muse was identified in September as a suspect in the case by a witness in Evergreen, Colorado, which is about 29 miles west of Denver, who reported a man with a dead, headless Elk in the area. Muse reportedly ran from Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies who tried to stop him.

When he fled the scene, he left behind a backpack with identifying information inside, including a cellphone.

Illegally wildlife and evidence was also found at the home of Muse’s sister in Conifer, Colo., and game wardens noted the help of Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens Randy Stovall, Heath Bragg and Sean Reneau in arresting and charging muse.

“Wildlife officers also charged two other associates involved with the illegal possession of wildlife,” according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department. “Each defendant pleaded guilty to the possession

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