The 21st West Lamar all-school reunion was held on the last Saturday of July.

Lynn Patterson gave the report on those who had passed away since last year. He also announced the West Lamar Scholarship for 2019 was presented to Paulette Hostetler Moore’s grandson, and reminded everyone that the 2020 reunion will be the last Saturday in July.

Those attending were from the classes of 1949 through 1979. They were as follows: Billie Kundsen Foster and Weldon, Alan Weatherford and Judy, Joe Halliburton and Delorias, Jim Boykin and Carol, Homer Smith and Betty, Fred Spencer and Carolyn, Juanita Henderson Farris and Homer, Brenda Stillwell Allison and Bob, Lynn Patterson and Marvin Ann, Marcus Page and Cathey, Harry and Linda Hembree Wood, Phyllis Larkin Brumley and W.H., Gary Steffey and Cindy, Danny Knight and Lyne, Kay Porterfield Moreland, Clara McCarty Jackson, Benny Caffee, Eddie Huddleston, Claude Caffee, Norma Jean Pendergraft Dunigan, Francis Finley Houchins, Paul David Blackshear, Paulette Hostetler Moore, Theresa Plunkett Asbery, Donna Jones)Boykin, Benny Caffee, Eddie Huddleston, Joe Hancock, Jerry Black, Juanita Hall McMillan, Mary Hall Ferguson, Fay Clawsen Blackshear, Bonnie Hodnett Cunningham, Pat Finley Morman, Earline Marr Poole, Ricky Caffee, Faye Spencer Daniel, Katherine Spencer, Darrell Smallwood, Dorothy Allen Clark, Ruth Ann Thompson King, Doris Allen Perry, Myrna McCarty Goodson, Yvonne Partridge Sitz and Gary Patterson.

Guests that attended were Doris Patterson, Linda Broyles, Rita Halliburton, Mary Tarter and Mackenzie, Mason and Maddie Knight.

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