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Delmar alumni meet to note class of 1959

To celebrate the 60th year of graduation, the Class of 1959 hosted an all-school reunion on June 8 at Chisum Middle School.

Former Midway ISD and Delmar ISD students, spouses and friends gathered for an afternoon and evening of visiting and renewing acquaintances. Approximately 100 were in attendance for the event.  Burgerland Food Truck/Trailer sold hamburgers, fries and ice tea to those who chose to purchase a meal. Desserts were provided by several former students.

Students from the classes of the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s attended.  Delmar ISD consolidated with Chisum ISD in 1985.

Gift cards were given for traveling the furthest and for being graduated the longest.  Jerry Don Satcher, who graduated in 1966, traveled from LaPorte, Texas, and won the prize for traveling the furthest. A gift card for being graduated the longest was given to a gentleman who had graduated in the 1940s from Midway ISD, which is what Delmar was called before a new school was built on Highway 19/24, close to the Howland/Broadway turnoff. The move to that new Delmar ISD school building occurred at the beginning of the 1949/50 school year.

The four graduates from the Class of 1959 who were in attendance were John David Bowman from Dike, Texas, Dale Wayne Loggins, Annie Woodby Perry and Robbie Wilson White, all from Paris, Texas.

Others who were in attendance included: Judy Justiss Alspaugh, Tommy Alspaugh, Carol Anderson, Lewis Anderson, Celia Bolton Bagwell, Bernice Gentry Bell, Jo Bramlett Blackburn, Charles “Sonny” Bolton, Virginia Parish Bolton, Jim Bolton, John Bolton, Kathy Bolton, Patsy Bowman, Jerry Carrite, Betty Cannon Clement, Wayne Clement, Jesse Cochran, Ben Coker, Sherrie Coker, Loretta Kennemer Cunningham, Roy Lee Cunningham, Sandra McLeroy Westbrook DeFrates, Emma Spencer Dickerson, Ruth Mahon Dillard, Travis “Skipper” Dodd, Ann Bramlett Foster, Pat Preston Gilbert, Laverne Hill Guilliams, Oberia Bramlett Herron, Carolyn Cochran Hinton, Krista Lamb Hubbard, Della Newberry Joyce, Monita Moore Keenum, Doris Cochran Kennedy, Cheryl King, Fran King, Gary King, Larry King, Ann Preston Lamb, Jimmy LaRue, Judy Loggins, Aloma Mathews, Lyndell McFadden, Gerald Miller, Latricia Miller, Bill Milling, Nelda Shew Milling, Gary Morton James Morton, Ronnie G. Morton, Darlene Hutchings Nabors, Janice Hervey Cochrum Nations, Keith Nimmo, Peggy Chambliss Noble, Jimmy Noble, Arnold Parker, Madge Gentry Parker, Gene Patterson, Lynn Patterson, Marvin Ann King Patterson, Jackie King Permenter, Jim Permenter, Thomas Lee Perry, Jerry Preston, Betty Hill Rhoades, Terry Ritchey, Deborah Satcher, Jerry Don Satcher, Katherine Spencer Siddle, Margaret King Skidmore, Travis Skidmore, Gail Jackson Smiddy, Martha Faye Morton Sneed, Lonny Spencer, Ronnie Spencer, Randall Stegall, Wayne Tomblin, Cathy Sneed White, Lynn Williams, Janice Stephens Woodby and R.P. Wood

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