Former Paris city manager John Godwin is to receive more than $116,000 during the next six months after resigning his post Aug. 19, according to a separation agreement released Wednesday by city attorney Stephanie Harris.

Godwin received a lump sum payment of $26,307.83 for unused vacation pay minus payroll deductions and will receive $3,705.18 in six monthly payments of $617.53 for health insurance. He also is set to receive $86,308.56 in continued monthly salary payments of $14,384.76.

In return, Godwin is to serve as a home-based consultant when called upon by the interim city manager. The agreement includes a covenant against bringing litigation against the city for actions taken prior to his resignation as well as an agreement to cooperate in the defense of any lawsuits brought against the city on or before the date of his resignation. Godwin also waived his rights to employment claims prior to Aug. 19.

Mayor Steve Clifford called the terms of the separation agreement “more than fair” and said it would be left to interim city manager Gene Anderson when and if he requests assistance from Godwin.

“It is my understanding the department heads are well equipped to handle most anything that comes up, and I trust Gene Anderson’s ability to handle situations and leave it to his discretion to call on Mr. Godwin if he needs help,” Clifford said.

Although Anderson said he has not called on Godwin as of yet, the former city manager said he is willing to help when needed.

“I want Paris to be successful and will help anyway I can,” Godwin said.

Godwin’s resignation came a week after he was suspended with pay on a 4-2 council vote Aug. 12 with Councilor Billy Trenado absent due to illness. After meeting in private with a Dallas attorney for about three hours, Clifford and Councilors Linda Knox, Paula Portugal and Clayton Pilgrim voted in favor of suspension with Councilors Derrick Hughes and Renae Stone voting against.

After Godwin’s resignation, several council members said his management style was cause for concern. In support of Godwin, Hughes and Stone said they were in favor of the resignation because the former city manager received adequate compensation.

Mary Madewell is a staff writer for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6976 or at

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