Next November, people will make their voices heard at the ballot box when they vote on a number of local, state and federal races. However, the political season begins long before that, and on Monday, the candidates who will run in the March 3 primaries were officially set.

In Lamar County, incumbent Precinct 1 Commissioner Lawrence Malone is running for reelection, and he faces competition from challengers Steve Owens, Rick Ruthart and Alan Skidmore.

The primary for the Precinct 2 constable will be between incumbent Jeff Jones and Michael Childres.

And in the race for the Precinct 4 constable seat, incumbent Rick Easterwood will face competition from Terry Bull and Hunter Sanders.

Several races are also uncontested in Lamar County: Incumbent Sheriff Scott Cass, incumbent tax assessor Haskell Moroney, incumbent county attorney Gary Young, incumbent Precinct 3 Commissioner Ronnie Bass, incumbent Precinct 1 Constable Travis Rhodes, incumbent Precinct 3 Constable Steven Hill and incumbent Precinct 5 Constable Jimmy Hodges.

In the race for Precinct 5-1 constable, current constable Cindy Ruthart isn’t seeking reelection, and candidate Michael Woodson is running unopposed.

In Red River County, there is one contested race, for the Precinct I Commissioners’ Court seat, between incumbent Donnie Gentry and newcomer William Brown.

Incumbent Sheriff Jimmy Caldwell, constable candidate Shawn Roden, incumbent tax assessor Tonya Martin, incumbent county attorney Val Varley and incumbent Precinct 3 Commissioner Jeff Moore are all running unopposed.

There are a number of contested races in Fannin County. Incumbent Sheriff Mark Johnson will face opposition from Mark Daniel and Billy Kennedy.

In the race for Precinct 1 Commissioner, Ronnie Ball, Edwina Lane, Cecil Gower Lester and Dale McQueen will be facing off.

Incumbent Precinct 3 Commissioner Jerry Magness will face opposition from Milton Glenn and Micky Shepherd.

Precinct 1 incumbent Constable Paul Holt will face opposition from Tiger Baxter.

In the race for precinct 2 constable, incumbent Jimmy Helms will face opposition from Christopher Kitts and J.R. Stricklin.

Fannin County also has its fair share of unopposed races. In the race for criminal district attorney, Richard Glaser is running unopposed, as is incumbent tax assessor/collector Gail Young and incumbent Precinct 3 Constable Kevin Mayberry.

In Delta County, David Seals, Kevin Carter and Charla Anderson Singleton are running for Sheriff.

In the race for Precinct 1 commissioner, Alvin Lawson, Gerald Cole Chessher and Morgan Baker will be facing off.

And Delta County also has a number of uncontested races.

Dawn Curtis is running for tax assessor without opposition, Edgar Garrett Jr, is running unopposed for county attorney, Marshall Lynch is running unopposed for constable, Jimmy Sweat is running for the precinct 2 commissioner seat and Bobby Asbill is running for Precinct 3 commissioner.

Tommy Culkin is a staff writer for The Paris News. He can be reached at 903-785-6972 or at tommy.culkin@theparisnews.com.

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