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Lamar County Commissioners have extended two disaster declarations until May 31.

The first declaration deals with getting assistance from the federal government for combating the coronavirus.

“I think we are at the tip of the iceberg, and we will see more and more cases with testing being available. We need to be more cautious,” Commissioner Ronnie Bass said.

The second declaration deals with helping those affected by the tornadoes that touched down in Lamar County last week. Precinct 4 was the hardest hit area with large debris blocking roads and houses being severely damaged. Precinct 3 also saw significant damage by the storms.

“This government funding would help us get some of the roads cleared,” Commissioner Bass said.

There was discussion on possibly getting another grant to better deal with the damage.

“Looks like the way we need to go is through a Sun Grant for seeking funds,” Commissioner Kevin Anderson said.

Jennifer Bussey is the assistant managing editor of The Paris News. She can be contacted at or 903-785-8744.

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(2) comments

Judith Malone

After seeing the Lamar County and Paris Emergency Management Team conduct last Friday’s testing in an extremely competent manner, I have no doubt the swab tests drive thru will be just as smoothly run. So much planning has gone into these service. Citizens who need the test do not need to worry about privacy or false test results. Knowing my status helps me interact with loved ones having severe PTSD and another half

way through chemo therapy. Knowledge is power Signing up is easy and guidelines are clear. I believe our elected, volunteer, and professional planners are doing great. Unity is how we win this war.

Judith Malone

Oops. Spell check changed COPD to PTSD in my previous comment. I did not Notice until it posted.

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