The American Academy of Pediatrics is now saying some severely obese preteens should be considered for weight loss surgery. The guidance is based on a review of medical evidence, including several studies showing that surgery in teens can result in marked weight loss lasting at least several years, with few complications. In many cases, related health problems including diabetes and high blood pressure vanished after surgery. Do you agree with this guidance?

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Obesity in America is a problem in all age groups. The pre-teen age group is the most disturbing as this age group has had the most assistance from family, friends, schools, and I would also include the medical profession, in becoming obese. The most likely causes of obesity are related to lifestyle - diet and exercise (lack of) in particular. Highly processed fast foods and pre-prepared foods, and sedentary lifestyle are the likely causes of obesity. I do not believe surgery is the best approach. Surgery is treating the "disease" as much of the medical industry tends to spend their energy instead of working to prevent the malady. I believe that addressing the causes is much more effective method to reverse and prevent obesity (and many other maladies) than drugs and surgery. Changes in lifestyle, which include diet, exercise, attitude and personal responsibility are needed.

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