In-person car buying

A new car sits on display at Mathews Nissan. “We try to be as transparent as possible, We’re never going to tell you something without showing you where we’re getting it from. Our whole angle on selling cars and getting people in vehicles is that they get to buy it for the same process that our family members would,” Derek Jones, sales manager at Nissan, said.

USAToday claims that buying a car online is beneficial because motorists are more likely to find a cheaper car than if they were to buy it in a dealership. While that may seem more convenient, there are some disadvantages to buying a car online.

Unlike online dealerships, buying a car in person can ensure the driver is getting what they paid for, and the experience is more likely to help them avoid buying a faulty car.

Curt Poore, who works in the sales department of James Hodge Motors, lists some of the benefits of buying a car in person.

“You actually get to be face-to-face with who you’re purchasing from and really get to know who you’re dealing with. You can actually have a better customer experience being treated right, nice and fair,” he said.

“Instead of being a true customer, you’re just kind of like another number,” he said of the online buying experience, “not getting to see the car before you actually commit to it or not having that personal feel of who you’re dealing with.”

Jonathan Roberts, a sales representative at Mathews Nissan, also shares the value of buying a car in person versus buying it online.

“The thing with buying a car online is you’re seeing pictures only. Until you actually get there, you’re not really going to know what problems it may or may not have. A cool thing about purchasing in a dealership compared to maybe an auto trader or Craigslist is you have a UCI, which is used car inspection, which is typically a multi-point inspection. The car has been ran through by a technician — that’s their sole purpose,” Roberts said.

“A lot of people that are selling on Craigslist might not have any idea what’s going on. Hey, it’s a great deal, but what if the transmission’s about to go out? You know, what happens after the fact? Are you gonna have somebody that you can talk to after the fact? So, the service after the sale is very important,” he added.

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