“What,” you might ask, “are you doing choosing to write about ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters”?”

Well, I asked myself the very same thing, and came up with three responses. One, my movie buddy wasn’t interested in seeing anything else that was on (here). Two, it had a strangely fabulous cast, including Ken Watanabe (with whom I am in love), Sally Hawkins (“Shape of Water” folks), Vera Farmiga, Charles Dance (the late senior GoT Lannister), Zhang Ziyi (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) and Kyle Chandler (TV’s “Friday Night Lights”). Even David Strathairne puts in a brief appearance toward the end.

It’s as if a committee of Godzilla enthusiasts got together and said, “Look, help us make one more movie about the old guy and we promise you’ll never hear his name again.”

The last time someone counted, this was the 35th film in the franchise. (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

I will say this about young director Michael Dougherty (who also co-authored the screenplay), he learned somewhere that if you’ve got a dog, just keep it moving, a rolling stone gathers no moss. So, this film starts off with a bang and just keeps on going. There’s no let-up in the action. If you think you’re going to get more popcorn or to the john, forget it.

Monsters, all kinds of monsters, called ”Titans” by the crypto-zoological organization Monarch, to which world powers have apparently entrusted their control, are recognized as once dominating Earth. Godzilla, Rodan, Ghidorah, et al, are in a sort of containment mode in different sites maintained by Monarch around the world. But one giant larva named Mothra wakes up in a bad mood.

Dr. Russell (Farmiga) has developed a device called ORCA that transmits signals designed to control behavior, but when eco-terrorists (now there’s a word) overrun the facility and start blowing up things, even Orca fails. If you’re a Red Sox fan, forget Fenway Park.

Godzilla awakes and heads to Antarctica to wake up Monster Zero.

Well, then the plot goes all to hell. Cities are crushed, people are eaten, monsters battle each other and anyone else around. Scientists follow them around the world in helicopters that crash, but people still get out amazingly unhurt. It’s a bloody unhealthy world to live in. But, oddly, there’s another larva out there. The titans will heal Earth and Godzilla still reigns. Long live Godzilla.

See you at the movies.

Toni Clem is a Paris resident and has been writing Deja View for more than 30 years.

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