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The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife law enforcement reports.

Road Hunting is Not OK

A Red River County game warden received a report about possible road hunting that had just occurred.

According to a witness, the vehicle had an Oklahoma license plate. After receiving information about where the road hunting had happened, the warden set up and waited at the intersection with the only routes back to Oklahoma. A short time later, a vehicle matching the witnesses description approached the intersection and the warden conducted a traffic stop.

The passenger admitted to shooting feral hogs from the road on a private property and was taken to the Red River County Jail where the appropriate road hunting charges were filed.

The rifle, equipped with night vision and an attached spotlight, was seized. Cases pending.

Right Place, Right Time

A Hardin County game warden was patrolling Village Creek by boat when he came across a woman in distress at just the right time. Two ladies had been paddling in two separate canoes when one of the women flipped over in deep water with a strong current and couldn’t get loose from the trees or get her belongings out of the canoe. The warden gave her his life jacket and instructed her to swim away from the canoe and move downstream to a sandbar. He then grabbed the canoe and pulled it in his patrol boat and met both ladies downstream at the sandbar to make sure they were ok. He retrieved the lifejacket that she lost and gave it back to her and they were on their way again.

Oy(ster) Vey

Three Harris County game wardens were inspecting commercial oyster on Galveston Bay when they came across a boat that had a sack of oysters with 15.29% undersized — three times the allowed limit. When asked about what they were using to measure the oysters, the captain said “Nothing.” This was the captain’s second time being cited for possessing undersized oysters. Approximately 1,100 pounds of oyster were returned to the reef.

Acting Squirrelly

An Angelina County game warden was approaching a boat ramp on the Angelina River just before dark when he saw someone driving in his direction. A man quickly laid a gun on the bow of the boat and walked away. When the warden approached the two people aboard the vessel, one decided to change out of wet socks while the other kept talking on their cell phone. The warden unloaded the .22 rifle left on the bow and inspected the cooler in the boat which contained a squirrel that was dressed and put on ice. Since the man started squirrel season six days early, he was issued a citation for hunting squirrels during a closed season. Case is pending.

That’s a Twist; That’s Very Twisty

A Williamson County game warden was contacted by a Travis County Sheriff’s Deputy about a boat the deputy had stopped on Lake Travis that had the boat hull identification number visibly removed. The operator of the boat said he bought the vessel a short time ago and showed the officers a title and bill of sale. The deputy and warden investigated the paperwork of the vessel and found out the title was legitimately signed, but the bill of sale was falsified.

Upon further inspection, the officers determined that the vessel didn’t match the paperwork the operator of the boat had presented. The registration number on the paperwork belonged to a Wellcraft, and the validation number belonged to the operator but for a Kayot boat. Additionally, the engine horsepower, serial number and sterndrive number returned to a Baja vessel.

The Baja was listed as stolen out of Travis County in January, along with the trailer. The owner of the Baja was contacted, and the boat was verified as the stolen vessel. The vessel and trailer were returned to the original owner and the operator of the vessel was charged with possession of stolen property.

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