HOUSTON — Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton announced his campaign for re-election Monday. Sitton will be the top state official on the Texas ballot in 2020.

“Texas is the nation’s largest energy producer with the nation’s strongest economy,” Sitton said. “That’s no accident. We have built this record by producing energy that is affordable, reliable and as clean as possible. I pledge to continue using my business and industry experience working for Texans every single day at the Railroad Commission.”

Sitton was first elected to the Railroad Commission of Texas, which regulates oil and gas production, in 2014. He ran on a promise to keep Texas America’s top energy producer and has delivered.

He also pledged to modernize the agency to streamline its operations and bring business practices to bear on the regulatory agency. That modernization has already made information more accessible to the public and made it easier for energy producers to do business in Texas.

In his five years on the commission, Texas has grown its oil production by approximately 1.5 million barrels per day, leading the way not only in oil and gas but also in wind and solar.

Sitton is a fifth-generation Texan and the son of two school teachers. He grew up in Irving and attended Texas A&M University, where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. He is the first engineer to serve on the Railroad Commission in over 50 years.

He is the youngest Distinguished Graduate at Texas A&M’s College of Engineering in its history. In 2014 Sitton was chosen as a Houston Business Journal 40 under 40 recipient.

A successful businessman and entrepreneur, Sitton founded his first company in his garage in 2006. Today that company, PinnacleART, employs over 800 people and generates over $100 million in revenue per year. The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce recognized PinnacleART as its Business of the Year in 2019.

“I look forward to traveling all over Texas to talk about the principles Republicans stand for. We believe in people more than we believe in government,” he said.

“We believe in individual opportunity, innovation and potential.”

Texas railroad commissioners are elected to staggered six-year terms.

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