Candy-coated fun draws people to The Wicked Apple, owner Karen Boaz said.

Recently, she said, the Collegiate Drive shop came up with a white chocolate-dipped strawberry with a magical unicorn design.

“We had people come down from the metroplex for those,” she said.

The Wicked Apple opened in 2017, under the ownership of Boaz and co-worker Lori Headley.

“She and I worked together at the Toyota dealership,” Boaz said. “We had another co-worker, her granddaughter was born with encephalitis, and in November (2016), we wanted to do something for the fundraiser.”

So, the pair came up with caramel apples, which sold out fast at the benefit.

“After, we had people message us asking if we sold the apples,” she said. “So that’s kind of how it started. They baby is good now. She’ll be turning 3 in August.”

The business was up and running Feb. 1, 2017, dipping a wide variety of fruits and creating even more gift baskets from the business space on Collegiate Drive, tucked into a shopping center behind Mary Miesch’s medical clinic, just off of Clarksville Street. Boaz said Headley had to stop working in the shop due to illness, and then they hired Jamie Gooding, who used to work at Creative Candy.

The first year went well, she said, and then they saw a dip in 2018, but so far, 2019 has been gangbusters.

“This year, we’ve had record months,” Boaz said.

She said she and Gooding try making new things all the time, though neither is a trained pastry chef.

“I’ve taken some classes online, but it’s mostly been learn-as-you-go,” Boaz said.

She said they’ll text each other photos of new designs they’ve tried, which doesn’t always work out. One time, Boaz said, she tried to make a Disney’s “Frozen”-themed strawberry, with Elsa’s head, which did not come out well.

“Sometimes it turns out good, and sometimes it turns out horrible,” she said, laughing. “(Elsa) came out horrible.”

But, they’re always willing to try something new. They’ve made chocolate-covered strawberries look like razorbacks for some University of Arkansas fans, ones that look like a fish tank, and right now are working on Chanel-themed treats for a baby shower.

“We’ll dip anything in chocolate,” Boaz said, adding the weirdest request — for her tastebuds — was chocolate-covered cantaloupe. But, they’ve also filled requests for bacon on their caramel apples, and, she said, Skittles.

“I thought that was kind of weird,” she said, “but we’ve done it.”

The shop uses Guittard, a premium chocolate, for dipping, and Boaz said they’re experimenting with Guittard’s sugar-free milk chocolate right now.

“We’re researching all the time to see if we can do something new,” she said.

One new “dip” they’re having fun with is chocolate-covered Oreos. Boaz said they’re like a blank slate for whatever she or Gooding want to come up with. On their Facebook page, they’ve posted emojis, ladybugs and even “bunny butts” that sold well over the Easter holiday.

Though they order the chocolate from a supplier, Boaz said they try to buy as much locally as they can, whether it’s the fruit they dip or the stuffed animals that come with their gift baskets.

Even the chocolate truffles they sell are homemade.

“We started out ordering the truffles, but now we make them here,” Boaz said.

The business is at 927 S. Collegiate Drive. Boaz said they take orders through Facebook Messenger and through their website,

Kim Cox is the city editor for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6965 or at

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