HONEY GROVE — Honey Grove ISD’s new $950,000 turf field will be ready for scrimmage within the next two to three weeks.

Glen Schuelke, Honey Grove ISD athletic director and head football coach, said a crew was putting the finishing touches on the field this week. The letters in the end zones are finished, displaying the words “Honey Grove Warriors,” as well as the Warriors’ logo in the center of the field.

“We need to put the top field on and even it out, but it’s almost ready,” he said. “The weather has been a bit of a problem, but if it holds, we should be ready within the next few weeks.”

Construction on the field began March 4. Hellas Construction, the company in charge of the project, initially expected to complete it by May 25. Schuelke said inclement weather created a bit of a delay, but crews have worked through the rain to finish the field in a timely manner.

Honey Grove ISD Superintendent Todd Morrison in March said the field cost $950,000 and will include additional safety features for football players, such as a protective turf layer to provide extra cushioning. A majority of the project’s funding came from a donation from a local couple that will be distributed over the next two years.

“We had a pretty significant donation from Kevin and Jessica Mayberry, who donated 80% of the project,” Morrison previously said. “With their donation, we thought it was a no-brainer to finish the rest of the project.”

The field will provide space for not only football practices and games, but a place for the school’s state-qualifying band to practice. Morrison said the band had been practicing in the parking lot, but the field will provide a safe space with perfect dimensions away from traffic flow.

“It’s exciting for the football kids, but for all of the kids as well,” Schuelke previously said. “The band will use it, we will have field days and it’s for the entire school. It will be a great attribute for all of the kids at Honey Grove. This really brings Honey Grove to having some of the nicest facilities in the state in 2A. I think it’s going to be really exciting.”

Morrison said aside from weather challenges, the project has gone smoothly. He said Hellas Construction has been great to work with.

“They’ve been great, they’re doing their service and we’ve been working with them through all this rain,” he said.

Schuelke said the football team is preparing to get on the field in early July, and Honey Grove’s first scrimmage will be in August against Cooper High School.

“We’re excited to have them come out here now and scrimmage on the new field,” he said. “We used to have to always go out there, but now they can come out on the new turf.”

Macon Atkinson is a staff writer for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6963 or macon.atkinson@theparisnews.com.

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