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CLARKSVILLE — The Clarksville City Council is continuing its efforts to beautify the city and remove run down and uninhabited properties. To that end, the council has ordered a handful of damaged houses be taken care of by the property owners.

The council voted to give one property owner 30 days to demolish and remove a rundown property at 1200 S. Pecan St. The house has several structural issues, City Manager Julie Arrington said. The roof has caved in in places, parts of the building are burned out, there are holes in sections of the walls and roof and more.

“It’s in complete disrepair,” Arrington said. “The council decided they couldn’t really repair the house so they opted to have it demolished.”

Two houses — 1603 W. Broadway St. and 606 S. Pecan St. — have been recently demolished, but still need to be cleaned up and removed from the property, Arrington said.

“Those houses have been demolished, but they’re just piles of rubble now, sitting out there,” she said.

The council ordered that the properties be cleaned up within 30 days.

And also coming before the council was a property on North Clark Street. Arrington said the building suffered minor damage, such as broken windows and doors, so the council ordered that it be repaired within 30 days.

The council did not set penalties for the property owners, should they exceed the 30 day limits, Arrington said. However, in previous decisions regarding the repair or demolition of rundown properties, the council has applied a fine of $100 per day after the initial window.

The property owner at 1603 W. Broadway St. and the property owner of the North Clark Street home have been in contact with the city and have promised to complete the work within the 30-day period, Arrington said.

“With the Broadway Street house, that property was just demolished in the past month, and the property owner says he’s already looking to get the stuff removed,” Arrington said. “With the North Clark Street property, the owner has promised to repair it. So I don’t think there will be any issues here.”

In related business, the council went into executive session to discuss possible legal action against an owner of several derelict properties. In May, the council ordered Dennis Wandrey to demolish and remove several properties throughout the city, or pay the fine.

To date, Arrington said, Wandrey has not completed work on any of the properties. Code enforcement officer Damien Carrasco said Wandrey’s total amount owed now ranged from $100,000 to $125,000.

In July, the council first discussed the idea of taking legal action against Wandrey, but decided against it at that time. Last week, councilors discussed the legal options in executive session, but ultimately took no action on the matter, Arrington said.

Tommy Culkin is a staff writer for The Paris News. He can be reached at 903-785-6972 or at

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