Annika Dantreel Dillard

A woman is behind bars after allegedly stealing a Christmas tree on Dec. 16.

Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley said officers responded to reports of the theft of a Christmas tree at Hobby Lobby earlier this month. Police obtained surveillance footage of the incident and were recently able to identify Annika Dantreel Dillard, 24 of Hugo.

Hundley said a warrant was issued for Dillard and she was arrested Thursday by officers of Sawyer Police Department in Oklahoma and transferred to Lamar County Jail.

Dillard was found to have previous convictions for theft, which resulted in a state jail felony charge, Hundley said.

She was charged with theft of property, less than $2,500 with two or more previous convictions, and a bond surrender for tampering with evidence, failure to identify a fugitive/giving false information and theft of property between $50-$500. She is in Lamar County Jail on $9,500 bond.

Five juveniles were charged with theft as well after allegedly shoplifting from Wal-Mart on Dec. 11.

“Three of the juveniles had already been arrested, and two more were arrested on Clarksville Street,” Hundley said. “The two arrested [Thursday] were released to their parents.”

Also on Thursday, a Paris woman accused of shoplifting at a local dollar store was taken into custody.

Savannah Dawn Roberson, 30, was arrested for theft of property, less than $100, with a previous conviction.

“While investigating the complaint, officers found stolen property and a controlled substance in her purse,” Hundley said.

As a result, Roberson received an additional charge of possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 2-A, less than 2 ounces. She was taken to Lamar County Jail where no bond has been set.

Police arrested a woman after she allegedly crashed into a parked car while driving under the influence.

Lenia Fay Hall, 49, was taken into custody for a misdemeanor DWI charge Thursday. Hundley said she is accused of crashing into a parked car in the 2600 block of Price Street while driving under the influence.

Paris police responded to 106 calls for service and arrested seven people, including two juveniles, since midnight Thursday morning.

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