NLPD Chief Mike Boaz and his vehicle

NLISD Police Chief Mike Boaz and one of the district’s police vehicles.

North Lamar ISD Police Department answered the call to lip sync late Tuesday with its take on Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.”

Challenged by Reno Police Department, North Lamar ISD Police Department’s lip sync video features NLISD Police Department Chief Mike Boaz and various North Lamar students.

With more than 22,500 views so far, Boaz said they saw a “great response to it,” and they also incorporated a few parts from “#SELFIE” by The Chainsmokers.

“I honestly didn’t expect it to be viewed as much as it has,” Boaz said. “I think our students played a big part in that as well. We always want to be positive with everything we do as an ISD police department. I think this video definitely pushes us in that direction.”

Boaz said when ideas first started rolling around, they needed someone creative.

“We immediately contacted our band directors Randy Jones and Jason Smith, along with our theater instructor Cody Head,” Boaz said. “They have students at school for some of the summer. I was excited when they agreed to do it. It absolutely made the video great.”

While thinking about ideas on the video, Boaz said they wanted a twist at the end and incorporated North Lamar High School Principal Clay Scarborough.

“I believe Lea [Emerson] came up with the idea of the anonymous criminal being the actual principal of the high school,” Boaz said. “When Mr. Scarborough heard the idea, he was all on board.”

Boaz said they worked together with the North Lamar students, Lea Emerson, Dustin Broadway and Jeff Davis.

“Ideas were flying everywhere,” Boaz said. “I believe the crew brought up the selfie song first, then it went up hill from there.

“The crew definitely knew what they were doing and directed us as each idea came into play. There was no rehearsal. I had to learn the lines as we went along,” Boaz said. “That part kept us entertained. I’ll just say we had many takes but had a lot of fun doing it.”

Incorporating North Lamar students was an idea between Scarborough and Boaz.

“Everything we do at North Lamar is based on the achievements of our students,” Boaz said. “We wanted to make sure we had them in the video.”

As an officer, Boaz said they have been working to build a relationship between students and officers for quite some time.

“[The video] is an extremely valuable tool and shows a completely different side of us,” Boas said. “Interaction with students is one of the biggest parts of what we do.”

Boaz said they wanted to thank everyone who helped in creating the video, “especially our students.”

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