Reno Police Department jumped to Paris Police Department’s challenge with their own lip sync challenge video.

Sitting at about 144,000 views, Reno Police Department’s video was formed around community engagement, Reno Police Chief Jeremy Massey said.

“All of the officers and family members participated in the process, and we had a great time,” Massey said. “These videos are so popular right now, and we have been asked for weeks when we would make one. The Reno Police Department is a part of the community, not separate from it.”

Massey said the department sees citizens daily, and they attempt to interact with them in a positive way.

“The members of the department have been tossing around the idea for a couple of weeks,” Massey said. “We had suggestions from family members and friends. Katie Dixon offered to help us with the project and had great ideas as well.”

Massey said once the songs were decided, each officer practiced to prepare for filming.

Taking about three hours to shoot and four hours to edit the about four-and-a-half-minute video, Cinematographer for the video Katie Dixon said she had a blast putting the video together. She said the donut shop scene was filmed Friday morning and finished the rest later in the evening.

“After we spoke about the different ideas and came up with the format, Katie was very creative in making the scenes and songs come together,” Massey said.

Massey said they wanted to shoot exclusively in Reno to show the local businesses.

“Crazy House is a big part of our community,” Massey said. “When I spoke to the ownership, they were behind us 100 percent and helped us by providing some props for the video.”

Dixon said the officers were good sports about the video and “really got into it when filming. They made my job easy.

“I’m really glad our local police departments are taking part in the lip sync challenge,” Dixon said. “As [a law enforcement officer’s] wife myself, it’s nice to see a positive light on law enforcement officers, as opposed to the negative that we normally see.”

Dixon said the video is “fun, light hearted and shows these men and women are just like us — like to have fun and aren’t always so serious.

“I love how Reno PD’s video turned out,” Dixon continued. “Chief Massey, Lt. Jernigan and I each picked the songs and how it would be filmed/edited, and we couldn’t be happier.

“I think the community will get a good laugh out of it and be proud of our local law enforcement officers for participating in the lip sync challenge,” Dixon said. “We may even see sales for white boots go up locally.”

Massey said he is appreciates Dixon and myparistexas for their help with the video.

“We would like to thank all of those in the community that helped and the businesses that allowed  us to film there or helped us with props,” Massey said. “Crazy House Western Wear also gave us a venue at which to film and those great white boots. The Louis family at Rockin’ L Music loaned us guitars to use, and we are thankful to all.”

Dixon said they are grateful for Blossom Volunteer Fire Chief Jeff Stover “for being a good sport in the ‘Hero’ scene and also couldn’t have done it without Crazy House Western Wear, Rockin’ L Music, Southern Maid Donuts of Reno and 1st Street Media.” 

 “We take law enforcement and our duty to protect our citizens seriously, and I am sure there are those out there who believe that we should not have made it,” Massey said. “This is our way, along with all the other law enforcement agencies, to have a good time and laugh with one another and those that we serve.”

The challenge baton has been passed to North Lamar ISD Police Department and Fannin County Sheriff’s Office.

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