Father's Day: Dickey

Eric Dickey holds his son, Jeremiah Andrew Dickey, who was born May 29, making Eric a father for the first time. Dickey has been juggling getting his master’s degree, family illness and being a new dad. 

Brand new father Eric Dickey is both excited and anxious. Each day since the birth of his son, Jeremiah Andrew Dickey, has been an adventure, and for Eric and his wife, Anna, the journey has just begun.

The 24-year-old is no stranger to juggling responsibility. While studying for his master’s degree in business and administration, Eric helped his wife take care of her mother, who has been battling limited small cell lung cancer, which as of Thursday is now in remission, and his wife’s family. Even while Anna was pregnant, Eric made sure to give her the support she needed, as well as the support her family needed. Through it all, he was maintained by his faith in God.

“In the midst of all of that, just, I had to figure out what would I put first with each day, and that was probably the hardest,” Eric said. “Thankfully, we’ve made it through at this point and had him born and everything’s a lot smoother now.”

Jeremiah joined the family May 29. Eric hadn’t always thought of himself as a father, but he knew that’s what he wanted to become when he and Anna married in June 2018. Now, the couple hope to eventually expand their family by three kids.

Eric said he’s had many role models in his life that have helped shape him into the man, the father, that he has become. Those role models include his pastor, past coaches and, more than anyone else, his own father. 

As a new father, Eric said he strives to provide the best example for Jeremiah, adding he understands the impact he will have on his son’s life. He also values the importance of taking good care of his wife along with his son. 

He believes he should reflect the life he wants his son to have, and he encourages other fathers to do the same.

“The best thing to do is just to stay true to who you are. It’s good to get advice every now and then, but sometimes that advice is a little bit overzealous or it doesn’t fit you. Everybody has their own fit,” Eric said. 

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