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RENO — Residents will now have a course of action to take if someone prevents them from receiving their mail by parking in front of their mailbox.

Reno City Council decided to alter the city’s ordinance after Police Chief Jeremy Massey said he received multiple reports of people preventing others from receiving mail by parking in front of the mailbox.

Massey told the council the postal service will often not drop off a person’s mail if the mailbox is blocked, and it will stop delivery if the mailbox is blocked four times, requiring the resident to go to the post office to get delivery reinstated.

“Other than asking them to be a good neighbor, we have no enforcement action we can take if they refuse,” Massey said.

Councilman Joey McCarthy said it also potentially poses a safety risk, especially on narrow streets where emergency vehicles might have difficulty driving with cars on the road.

Councilman Stacey Nichols recommended changing the ordinance to disallow parking within 15 feet in either direction of the mailbox on that side of the road.

Councilman Brandon Thomas asked about residents who park in front of their own mailbox, and Massey answered it could be an ordinance that’s only enforced if the police department receives a complaint about it.

The motion to change the ordinance to Nichols’ recommendation passed unanimously.

In other business, the council approved a variance request to allow off-street parking at 5590 Lamar Road.

City Attorney David Hamilton asked how much land would be included in the area, and property owner Archie Sims said it was 120 feet by 100 feet.

“Here’s my problem: we go from no cars to I don’t know how many cars,” Hamilton said. “If somebody comes to the city attorney and says, ‘Hey, this dude down here is parking things all over the spot,’ and we just kind of gave you a, ‘Here, go park wherever you want to’ kind of a deal.”

Sims assured Hamilton the parking would remain in the designated area, adding it would mostly be used by employees during the day.

The council voted unanimously to approve the request.

The council also unanimously voted to reappoint McCarthy as mayor pro tempore. He will hold the position until June 2020.

The council reappointed Bob Ricks, Brad Rodgers and Don Lawrence to the Planning and Zoning Commission. They will hold the positions until 2021.

Tommy Culkin is a staff writer for The Paris News. He can be reached at 903-785-6972 or at

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