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The Martha, David and Bagby Lennox Foundation handed out almost $800,000 in awards during 2019, most to organizations in Red River and Lamar counties, according to foundation president William P. Streng of Houston.

After months of work, improvements to the Detroit ballfields have recently been completed, including drainage repairs, leveling, the addition of culverts and more.

Detroit City Council is hoping to find a way to allow ATVs to travel on city streets, currently not allowed by Texas Department of Transportation regulations.

TxDOT officials outlined three possible plans for widening Highway 82 through Detroit, after city officials raised concerns of the negative impact that widening could have on the city.

The Detroit City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to hold an election to raise the city’s sales tax from the current rate of 7.75% to 8.25%, equal to the sales tax in most other area cities.

After hearing the news of a planned slaughterhouse to be built in Red River County, one resident near the site of the incoming industry raised concerns of the ecological impact a slaughterhouse could bring. Despite the concerns, however, the slaughterhouse is following all safety guidelines and regulations.

The Detroit City Council will discuss the city’s sales and property tax rates when it meets for its regular monthly meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Detroit City Hall, 190 E. Garner St.

DETROIT — In an effort to make it easier for residents to pay their bills and deter them from missing payments, the City of Detroit has altered its policies regarding when utility bills will be due and fines issued for late payments.