Paris Ford Lincoln would like to congratulate its 7 scholarship winners from area high schools. Scholarship presentations were made at Ford's Driving Dreams Scholarship presentation at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Tuesday. Each student, along with over 400 others, earned a schol…

The Roxton senior class of 2019 took a walk in their caps and gowns up and down the school hallways and all over the town of Roxton as part of the senior walk. 

Area students on Friday morning went to the Exceptional Rodeo, hosted by the Paris Rodeo Association, an annual event for special needs students in the Red River Valley. They rode horses with volunteers steadying the students on either side, pet goats and rabbits, practiced their roping skills and ate lunch.

ROXTON — Over chicken fried steak and chicken spaghetti dinner at the Roxton cafe, Roxton ISD staff draped plastic leis on each other and said farewell.

I am Isabella Theye. I am 14 years old, and I’m an eighth-grade student at Roxton ISD. I’m sure all of you know by now that next school year Roxton ISD will be history. The plan that is hoped for is for Roxton to be consolidated with Chisum. The only thing with that though, is that both, the Roxton, and the Chisum District, have to vote yes.

Roxton ISD Superintendent Kelly Pickle said the school district’s lawyers have drawn up an agreement for the Lura Gregory Trust to take care of current students who will be attending Chisum ISD next year if voters approve a ballot measure to merge the school districts.

Superintendent Kelly Pickle said Amanda Killingsworth has been named the elementary teacher of the year, while Benita Woods has been named the secondary teacher of the year.

Saturday night Roxton High School students attended the final Roxton prom. Prom Queen was Kaylee Dillard and King was Tamaze Dangerfield.

At Thursday night’s school board meeting, the trustees agreed to make April 26 a staff holiday so teachers and staff can attend the Region 8 job fair.

Pencils, paper, dry-erase boards, computers, teacher salaries — these things add up, and they keep adding up for school districts. Pile on state funding requirements that eat up staff time simply navigating the red tape maze and that’s the state of modern school districts, paid for by the st…

ROXTON — With the superintendent joining two dozen students in staying home to battle the flu, Roxton ISD has shut down for today and Friday.

Lamar County school districts, except North Lamar ISD and Roxton ISD, received B grades in a new state system for assessing and comparing school districts. 

‘If evil comes, there is no 100 percent way to guarantee evil won’t do damage,” North Lamar ISD Superintendent Jason Adams has said.

With declining enrollment and a shrinking budget, the days of Roxton ISD could be numbered. District officials on Monday continued their consideration of consolidating with Chisum ISD while Chisum ISD officials ran the numbers associated with accepting the offer.