The children are part of the McQueeney Pioneer Club — a program created by McQueeney Elementary attendance clerk Jennifer Baker began last year as a way to teach the campus’ second- through fifth-grade students the building blocks of agriculture.

Sudden breakdowns can become a dangerous situation if not handled properly. Because breakdowns are so unexpected, drivers are usually ill prepared when they find themselves stranded on the side of the road. Taking the proper precautions for breakdown can help drivers and passengers get by unharmed.

Auto manufacturers have long embraced technology that can streamline the automotive experience for drivers. For example, several years ago keyless entry and ignition systems were introduced, initially on high-end vehicles before they became standard on many other models.

USAToday claims that buying a car online is beneficial because motorists are more likely to find a cheaper car than if they were to buy it in a dealership. While that may seem more convenient, there are some disadvantages to buying a car online.

Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in Northeast Texas, with the area responsible for producing large amounts of corn, beans, cotton and other crops. But what exactly does it take to be a farmer, the backbone of the agriculture business?

The agriculture industry has expanded more than ever before and provides a variety of opportunities to professionals interested in this often misunderstood field.

From about anywhere in the city, a Paris resident can hop a Paris Metro vehicle and travel by bus to about 3,800 destinations across North America.

The Lamar County Chamber has exceeded many goals since March 2018 when Paul Allen stepped into the role of chamber president. With its ambassador program jumping from 27 members to 70 in under a year, Allen is excited for what’s in store this year and next.