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Germany, a large world black coal producer, has closed all black coal mines. They planned this in 2008 with arrangements for cultural upgrades in communities affected; the U.S. government could have been prepared for mine closures like Germany.

Spiders have assumed functional command of the front porch, most of the yard, the car port and the vehicles within it. The orb weavers have the high ground, the garden weavers own the eaves spaces, the funnel webbers are the default masters of anything left too long on ground or bench, and the wandering wolfs patrol the rest.

Several facts seem evident in Bill Collin’s letter in response to mine criticizing Republican response to the Mueller report: He has obviously not read even the heavily redacted report, nor did he listen to any of the hearings on the report. 

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"When you speak Spanish, people tell you ‘Wow, that’s so good. Congratulations.’ When I speak Spanish, I’m told ‘Speak English.’ The only difference is the color of my skin,” a friend of mine told me last week.

The safety and protection of the children we serve is always our number one priority. Boys & Girls Club of Red River Valley is aware of a serious incident that occurred outside one of our locations while the facility was being rented by a third party for an adult basketball tournament.Th…

Plenty of professional athletes can be divas or draw attention to themselves unnecessarily with some being more obnoxious than others. However, one pro athlete in particular takes the cake in the annoying department with his recent antics.

In the wake of the shootings, while at a premiere of a new project of hers, Oprah Winfrey suggested we need to explore a “new religion” of storytelling. The Knights have the right idea though: Celebrate saintly living. 

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It's never been easier getting your food delivered or groceries prepared. Among local services are DoorDash for food delivery, Instacart for grocery delivery, and Walmart's and Kroger's grocery pickup services. The services are meant to free up time otherwise spent waiting in lines or shoppi…

The mass shooting, and another just hours later in Dayton, Ohio, claimed more than 30 lives and shattered any illusion of public safety. The killings also reignited a national conversation about gun rights and gun control in America.

Pastor Lonny Parson will be missed by those left behind, including the many touched by his ministry, first at Powderly Baptist Church, then Faithway Country Church in Rufe, Oklahoma, Victory Baptist Church in Paris and lastly Honey Grove Cowboy Church.

I’m often asked why it is I love newspapers? In more than a decade of meeting print schedules, covering city councils and writing features on every-day people, my answer has never changed: I love building a community.

Many people who dislike President Donald Trump think he is racist, while those who like him claim he isn’t. They contend he gets angry, and his tirades are against white people as well as minorities.

Recently, I took a fresh look at this subject when my youngest sister, Margie, born when I was 17, celebrated her 60th birthday, complete with reminiscences of her birth from all four siblings plus some other members of the extended family.

Someone told me I have misophonia, a condition defined by an aversion to certain sounds. Maybe that’s true, but that person was a very loud eater, so I tried not to listen to her all that often.