Letter to the Editor

The reaction of local Republican “spin doctors” is not surprising. They’re faced with the daunting task of defending the indefensible when it comes to President Donald Trump and the gradually shrinking number of Republicans in Congress who defend him. It is no coincidence that six sitting Republican representatives from Texas are retiring rather than having to defend their support of Trump.

It is becoming increasingly clear even to East Texans that the Trump administration is arguably the most corrupt and least competent in U.S. history, a determination made by over 100 college professors of American history. Each day brings a new revelation of self-dealing to benefit his failing real estate empire as is the case with requiring Air Force personnel to refuel at a little-used commercial airport in Scotland that just happens to be 30 miles from one of his little-used golf courses.

To add insult to injury, the aircrews were required to stay at Turnberry at a rate not covered by their per diem. Before that, he tweeted that Alabama was in the path of Dorian, then blatantly fabricated a basis of the claim (Sharpiegate), then lied about lying about it. The current tally on his proven lies is now over 11,000.

Even Fox News is beginning to criticize Trump. On the bright side, Trump’s term is a boon for comedians because he is so easy to parody.

The Mueller Report is just the tip of the iceberg. Just keep your eyes and your minds open.

Gary O’Connor


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