Why in heaven’s sake would someone watch a movie only to shoot their anxiety level sky high for hours, I asked myself after reading my colleague’s Monday column.

That’s exactly what columnist Tommy Culkin said happened to him while watching “Uncut Gems,” a new film featuring Adam Sandler, which Tommy said the cinematographer uses mid to close up shots “that gave a sense of claustrophobia and helplessness as the characters are trapped in their positions, and you, the viewer, are trapped with them.”

Sounds like some of the dreams I have about work.

“I felt so much anxiety that I wanted to crawl out of my skin,” Tommy continued. “When the credits rolled, that pit of anxiety was still in my stomach. And even an hour later, after I’d had ample time to distance myself from the film, I still felt tense and charged with anxious energy.”

Sometimes my dreams do that, but it doesn’t take but a few awakening moments for the anxiety level to subside.

After reading his column, and pondering why this intelligent, affable young man would want to add that kind of anxiety to a life already filled with the stress of covering news almost 24/7, I asked my friend more about his reaction to the movie.

“I seriously could not settle down for like hours after seeing it,” Tommy said. When I asked him why he put himself through that kind of stress because of a movie, he answered. “It was a really good movie.”

When I asked him what was so good about it, he said the movie is extremely fast paced and “everything is always like very loud and in your face, and this guy is always just like one second away from his entire life collapsing around him.”

In his column, Tommy credited the production as a “rare form of a movie that only comes around a few times each decade” and “one that utterly grips you when you see it, and refuses to let you go after it’s over.” My friend attributed the movie as being “one of the best movies in years” and added, “it isn’t one for the faint of heart.”

At first thought, I conceded this movie is not for me. I like either historical films, comedies or romantic movies, something either informative or relaxing. Besides, my dreams about work, either at the newspaper or my 25 years as director of Lollypop Learning Center, supply me with an abundance of high intensity episodes. Usually I am working frantically but never make progress on the task at hand.

On second thought, I might experiment and watch “Uncut Gems.” Perhaps the movie might shock my subconscious into dreaming about something other than working all through the night to solve a lingering problem or somewhat meaningless task.

Tommy might just be on to something.

Mary Madewell is a staff writer for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6976 or at mary.madewell@theparisnews.com.

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