Letter to the Editor

Several facts seem evident in Bill Collin’s letter in response to mine criticizing Republican response to the Mueller report: He has obviously not read even the heavily redacted report, nor did he listen to any of the hearings on the report. Instead, he has apparently relied on Fox News commentary with it’s 10% accuracy level or other right-wing commentators with even lower levels of veracity. I would challenge him to point out any factual inaccuracy in my letter.

Certainly, Republicans in Congress didn’t question the accuracy of the report, but instead chose to cast aspersions on Mueller, the FBI and the CIA.

Over 100 current and former federal prosecutors signed a letter stating that Trump had committed multiple prosecutable obstructions of justice. Mueller stated both in the report and in his testimony that the report does not exonerate Trump of any crime, only that as special counsel he couldn’t indict because of long-standing Department of Justice policy to not charge sitting presidents with crimes. Instead, he rightly puts the ball in Congress’ court to initiate impeachment proceedings.

Mueller was chosen by George Bush as director of the FBI and served both Republican and Democratic presidents with honor and distinction.

Like Donald Trump, Collins prefers to attack and disparage the messenger instead of disputing the facts. He also falls back on labeling any critic of Trump as “socialist” when the issue has nothing to do with political views and everything to do with justice and following the dictates of the Constitution.

Gary O’Connor


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