Letter to the Editor

Klark Byrd’s recent commentary (Nov. 24) regarding partisan news was on target — unfortunately.

While it is apparent that much of the news media is partisan, I recently experienced the stark reality of the biased media worldview as described in the commentary. I had a 12-hour drive to Illinois on Nov. 21 and decided to listen to the impeachment testimony, which I had only seen/heard snippets on news stations generally up until this time. I listened to all the proceedings via multiple NPR stations along my route that day — the entire testimonies of David Holmes and Fiona Hill, the biased questions by Democrats and Republicans, and subsequently the “results” as reported by CNN, Fox and other news stations.

I then watched the typical snippets on CNN and Fox TV news stations. It seemed that I had not heard the same hearings as the opposing news journalists, or the Republican or Democrat spokespersons on the proceedings. It was a clear example of Mr. Byrd’s commentary and recognition that there are few (if any) nonpartisan news reporters in the media.

This is a similar issue as expressed in Mr. Byrd’s commentary on June 30, “Critical news literate readers wanted” and similar recommendations to the public: Be objective, read and listen to different coverage, and do some homework before you make up your mind on a critical issue.

Impeachment is a critical issue to consider.

Thanks again, Klark.

Michael Nickey


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