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Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is shown during an NFL football minicamp in Alameda, Calif. The Raiders and their big personalities like Antonio Brown and Richie Incognito are ready to be stars on HBO's "Hard Knocks." (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)

Plenty of professional athletes can be divas or draw attention to themselves unnecessarily with some being more obnoxious than others. However, one pro athlete in particular takes the cake in the annoying department with his recent antics.

It’s sad to see all of this unfold the way it has because of the generational type of talent he is, but Antonio Brown has gotten on my last nerve. Not only is he flamboyant and dramatic, but he’s also being selfish. His most recent episode involves him complaining about a style of helmet he has worn for the last 10 years that the NFL is not allowing. He took it as far as threatening to retire and filed a grievance against the NFL, which promptly got denied.

He has a charismatic personality, he’s extremely gifted with the ball in his hands but he is also an enigma. I truly don’t understand why he chooses to be the way he is.

When he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers, drama followed him everywhere he went whether it be posting a Facebook Live video of an intense after-game meeting with head Coach Mike Tomlin, publicly criticizing teammates, yelling at coaches and teammates on the sideline when he didn’t get the ball as much as he wanted, etc. The long and tiresome list goes on.

Now, he is with the Oakland Raiders and is gearing up for this coming season of Hard Knocks. Great, more TV time...just what he wants.

I’m not saying Antonio Brown isn’t a sensational football player, because he is. I’m not saying he’s a bad person, he’s stayed out of criminal trouble off the field. I’m also not saying that he won’t make the Raiders a much better football team, because he will. However, this man needs to grow up. He is too good to be wasting his reputation away the way he is, and if he focuses and really locks in, he could be the best receiver of all time.

I truly wish him well, I just wish he wanted the same for himself.

Geoff Heppes is the sports editor for The Paris News. He can be reached at 903-785-6967 or

Geoff Heppes is sports editor for The Paris News. He can be reached at 903-785-6967 or at

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