Letter to the Editor

This is one of those times when I find myself all blustered up, and nowhere to go. I had the wind pulled from my sails in a business-like fashion this morning, by Ross Ramsey down at The Texas Tribune — (Sunday, Aug. 18, 2019 — “Failing school district cheating Texas kids out of a better future”).

Last Friday, The Paris News ran an article about failing grades of schools by Aliyya Swaby of The Texas Tribune — (Friday, Aug. 16, 2019 — “Three school districts across state face penalties for poor report card scores”). Aliyya did as the Texas Tribune normally does, soft-shoeing around a subject which is politically sensitive. That’s pretty normal. We’ve come to expect that from The Trib. By the time I got to the end of the article, I was all whizzed up and ready to crack my knuckles and do some serious finger lashing on the keyboard. Some plain speaking was in order.

Now I find myself standing here staring into the word processor, with a case of mixed feelings. Klark and/or The Paris News staff made a really good choice running Ross Ramsey’s piece as a follow up, and Ross nailed the thing dead to rights. Particularly pungent was the quote, “that amounts to an institutional commitment to failure.”

Trouble is, now I’m gonna have to come up with something else for Wednesday’s column.

Aw, dang. I hate it when that happens.

Dan Beard


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