The article mentions that “at least one resident voiced concern” about the traffic impacts of closing the turnaround across from the shopping center and sending all the traffic down to the crossover at Dawn Drive, a residential location. I presuppose I am the “at least one,” but your article fails to indicate there were several citizens who objected to this proposal a few years before and were led to believe a compromise solution was accepted by the powers that be, only to have the idea go underground and resurface now as a “done deal.”

In addition, the article fails to acknowledge the number of citizens who appeared with me before City Council to express our concerns that doing this will perhaps satisfy safety issues for the merchants near the current turnaround but will in turn create an extremely hazardous circumstances for the aging population of our subdivision.

No one, neither the state nor the city, has provided any reliable information, traffic studies or otherwise, to substantiate the purposely vague representations that “everything will be all right.” As to the efforts of our elected councilmember, which consisted apparently of simply asking and being told by TxDOT area engineer Dan Perry “no problem for Morningside,” had she pursued it further and filed an Open Records request as I did (something your newspaper champions) she would have discovered November 2017 correspondence by the same Mr. Perry in which he stated “…we don’t want to force all of the traffic down to the Dawn Dr. crossover.” I wonder what changed? Even after I presented this information to City Council, the attitude continues to be doing this will improve safety. The question is, for whom and why?

A final irony. In the editorial of the same Sunday edition, you chide citizens for their tardiness in criticizing the city’s downtown plan now that it is apparently on the lip of implementation. Could one possible explanation be that people have given up believing that anyone will listen to them?

Larry W. Schenk is a Morningside Subdivision resident in Paris.

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