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I have been reading a book that has fit right in with the chill in the air and the lack of sunshine. I picked up “The Big Book of Texas Ghost Stories” a few months ago, and added it to my stack of books to be read.

The collapse occurred after I’d been coming only a couple of weeks. While I have not always been a regular churchgoer, I thought this was kind of an over-the-top response to my unexpected appearance in church.

The mission — which is basically a retreat over a few days — came just weeks before the start of the 40-day season of Lent, which prepares hearts for the celebration of Easter.

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The Democrats who impeached President Donald Trump knew they did not have a prayer of removing him from office. But they also knew impeachment might have another effect — to weaken the president and reduce his chances of winning reelection in November.

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Our sports editor is on vacation, so our managing editor, Klark Byrd, is filling in, and he has the rest of us covering whatever sports events he can’t attend. All of which is to say why this week’s column is a hodge-podge of observations.

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When Dr. Sam said to me, “You’ve got the colon of a man half your age,” it was hard to keep from beaming. This must be how a mother feels when a complete stranger tells her how beautiful her new baby is.