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The community can’t fully address a problem it doesn’t know exists, and it’s going to take a lot of effort to find the right solutions. Fortunately, the discussion has already begun. Won’t you join in?

There is no good way to report bad news. There is, however, a right way, and if you’ll follow along, we’ll discuss the decisions that went into Friday’s reporting on the officer-involved shooting in Paris.

Batman’s arch-nemesis Joker famously said, “All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy.” Change a few words — “the sanest man alive” to “most Americans” and “lunacy” to “homelessness” — and the fictional character’s famous line succinctly sums up our reality.

On Monday The Paris News printed an article about the new Red River Democratic Party Chair, Hunter Evans, and posted the story to social media, where it then blew up in a big way, with lots of unnecessary, hateful comments.

First and foremost, a thumbs up to Mother Nature for providing a limiter to Friday’s storms. All the right ingredients were in place for a dangerous series of storms capable of producing long-lasting and violent tornadoes, but warm air in the upper atmosphere kept surface air from rising. As…

“If Americans can tear themselves away from the spectacle in Washington and support local news with their dollars and attention, it could help to push back against the partisan polarization that has taken over American politics today.”

There is a Christmas tradition among newspapers, this one included, of reprinting the below editorial that appeared in 1897 in the New York Sun. It’s words are famous and its message timeless. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Here’s a thumbs up, thumbs down conundrum: Do you give a thumbs down to the area’s increasing rate of hunger or a thumbs up to the nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to provide nourishment to those who might not otherwise be able to afford it? Being optimists, we chose the latter.

The ring of Salvation Army bells. The offered boot of a local fire department. Christmas trees decorated with the wishes of the area’s needy children. There’s no mistaking these signs — ‘tis the season of giving.

The Afghanistan war is a bust, and it was a bust long before Monday’s damning report by The Washington Post on a government project’s findings that three White House administrations misled the public about failures during the war.

"Social media platforms can be both a blessing and a curse…” So concludes Austin Assistant City Attorney Heather M. Lockhart’s report, “When can my city delete a Facebook comment? (and Other Social Media Issues),” to Austin City Council. It’s a report chock full of court rulings regarding so…