FB HC Clarksville vs. Detroit

Clarksville junior quarterback Quay Scales (9) flips the ball back to his running back as he is brought down by a Detroit Eagles defender.

2018 District 10-2A All District Football Awards

District MVP: Quay Scales, jr., Clarksville

Offensive Player of the Year: Tyler Watts, sr., Bowie

Defensive Player of the Year: Kutter Walker, sr., Bowie

Newcomer of the Year: Claude Scales, fresh., Detroit

Lineman of the Year: Markeith Garcia, sr., Clarksville

Offensive NEwcomer of the Year: Tucke Sanders, fresh., Maud

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Yahmyne Banks, fresh., Clarksville

Special Teams Player of the Year: Johnathon Wright, sr., Mt. Enterprise

Utility Player of the Year: Deontae Ricks, sr., Clarksville; Payton Windham, jr., Maud; Luke Osborn, sr., Overton

Coaching Staff of the Year: Clarksville


2018 District 10-2A 1st Team Offense

Quarterback: Evan Barron, sr., Bowie

Running back: Deonte Tavie, sr., Clarksville; Joel Hinson, jr., Detroit; Kendre Miller, jr., Mt. Enterprise

Wide receiver: Johnathan Wright, sr., Overton; Hunter Thomas, sr., Maud; Tra’Derrian Rose, jr., Clarksville

Tight end: Hunter Royce, sr., Mt. Enterprise

Offensive Line: Whitt Rogers, soph., Bowie; Evan Williams, jr., Bowie; Deandre Ferguson, sr., Mt. Enterprise; Skyler Pate, jr., Maud; Tyrell Hobbs, sr., Clarksville


2018 District 10-2A 2nd Team Offense

Quarterback: Dawson Waggoner, sr., Detroit

Running back: Duncan Hammonds, jr., Bowie; Rayne Bailey, jr., Maud; Hudson Rogers, sr., Overton

Wide receiver: Kody Golightley, jr., Detroit; Hunter Crutchfield, jr., Detroit; Ryan Griffin, sr., Maud

Tight end: Brandon Hall, jr., Maud

Offensive Line: Kyler Scott, jr., Detroit; Lucas Stephenson, sr., Bowie; Justin Gomez, jr., Overton; Thomas Daniels, jr., Maud; Jamar Thompson, jr., Mt. Enterprise; Brian Chavez, jr., Clarksville


2018 District 10-2A 1st Team Defense

Defensive tackle: Brian Chavez, jr., Clarksville; Ian Stewart, sr., Bowie; Justin Gomez, jr., Overton; Chance Sprague, jr., Maud

Defensive end: Evan Williams, jr., Bowie; Seth Brower, jr., Maud; Neo Scales, jr., Clarksville

INSIDE linebacker: Deonte Tavie, sr., Clarksville; Ardadrian Gray, soph., Clarksville; Rayne Bailey, jr., Maud; Cole Hinson, sr., Detroit

Outside linebacker: Gabe Brantley, soph., Bowie; Jackson Clark, soph., Overton; Brandon Hall, jr., Maud; Tra’Derrian Rose, jr., Clarksville

Corners: Michael Moore, jr., Clarksville; Joel Hinson, jr., Detroit

Safeties: Ryan Griffin, sr., Maud; Miles Davis, sr., Detroit; Evan Barron, sr., Bowie

Kicker: Johnathan Wirght, sr., Mt. Enterprise

Punter: Evan Barron, sr., Bowie


2018 District 10-2A 2nd Team Defense

Defensive tackle: Tyrell Hobbs, sr., Clarksville; David Story, soph., Detroit; Garrett Worley, sr., Overton

Defensive end: Cody McCoin, jr., Detroit; Deandre Ferguson, jr., Mt. Enterprise; Robert Worsham, sr., Clarksville; Skyler Pate, jr., Maud

INSIDE linebacker: Brandy Brown, sr., Overton; Hudson Rogers, sr., Overton; Zack Johnson, soph., Mt. Enterprise; Tucker Sanders, fresh., Maud

Outside linebacker: Jacqualin Dennis, soph., Clarksville; Amarion Black, fresh., Clarksville; Antwon Berry, soph., Mt. Enterprise; Kody Golightley, jr., Detroit

Corners: Brody Moyer, jr., Rivercrest; Cody Belleville, jr., Wolfe City

Safeties: Hunter Royce, sr., Mt. Enterprise; Cole Marshall, sr., Overton; Hunter Thomas, sr., Maud

Kicker: Evan Barron, sr., Bowie

Punter: Brian Chavez, jr., Clarksville

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