The No. 22-ranked Paris Wildcats basketball team clinched the district title outright with a 73-64 home win over Pleasant Grove on Tuesday night.

The Wildcats, winners of 11 in a row, faced solid resistance from the Hawks in the first half as Paris led 38-34 at intermission. However, a big third quarter from the Wildcats allowed the home team to enter the fourth with a 63-46 lead, which they would not relinquish the rest of the way.

Cameron Jones led the way with a game-high 19 points, while Trevon Dennis and Jameon Mitchell each added 15 points. Gavyn Hollje scored 11 points, while Trae Johnson finished with 8 points. Jaelyn Lee also chipped in with 5 points.

The district-champion Wildcats will take the court again at 7 p.m. Tuesday at home against district rival North Lamar.


                       Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F

Pleasant Grove:13 21 12 18 64

Paris: 19 19 25 10 73

Pleasant Grove scorers: Woods, 14; Robinson, 12; Fawush, 10; Henry, 9; Jackson, 9; Clover, 6; Burris, 2; Young, 2

Paris scorers: C. Jones, 19; T. Dennis, 15; J. Mitchell, 15; G. Hollje, 11; T. Johnson, 8; J. Lee, 5

Pleasant Grove FGM: Robinson, 6; Henry, 4; Jackson, 4; Fawbush, 3; Clover, 2; Woods, 2; Burris, 1; Young, 1

Paris FGM: C. Jones, 8; T. Dennis, 6; J. Mitchell, 5; G. Hollje, 2; T. Johnson, 2; J. Lee, 1

Pleasant Grove 3PFGM: Clover, 2; Fawbush, 2; Woods, 2

Paris 3PFGM: J. Mitchell, 3; T. Dennis, 2; C. Jones, 1

Pleasant Grove FT: 12-for-14; Woods, 8-8; Fawbush, 2-2; Jackson, 1-1; Henry, 1-3

Paris FT: 19-for-30; G. Hollje, 7-8; T. Johnson, 4-8; J. Lee, 3-6; J. Mitchell, 2-2; C. Jones, 2-4; T. Dennis, 1-1; J. Rogers, 0-1


Lady ’Cats stumble to PG

The Paris Lady Wildcats basketball team suffered its first loss in four games, falling at home to the district champion Pleasant Grove Lady Hawks by a final score of 61-28.

The Lady ’Cats, who have already clinched the third seed in the district for postseason play, stayed close with the Lady Hawks early, trailing 28-16 at intermission. However, Pleasant Grove kept the jets burning in the second half, scoring another 29 points to just 12 for Paris.

Peaches Jackson led Paris with a team-high 8 points, while Carol Croom and Ti McGee each scored 6 points. Tori Jones added 4 points, while Elvira Infante and Quiniya Savage both recorded 2 points.

The Lady ’Cats will enter the playoffs with a matchup at 6 p.m. Monday against Gilmer at Mt. Vernon High School.


                       Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F

Pleasant Grove: 18 11 11 18 61

Paris: 10 16 6 6 28

Pleasant Grove scorers: Henry, 22; Ware, 13; Davis, 10; Lloyd, 8; Hillery, 4; Levingston, 4

Paris scorers: P. Jackson, 8; C. Croom, 6; T. McGee, 6; T. Jones, 4; E. Infante, 2; Q. Savage, 2

Pleasant Grove FGM: Henry, 8; Ware, 6; Davis, 5; Lloyd, 3; Hillery, 2; Levingston, 2

Paris FGM: P. Jackson, 4; C. Croom, 3; T. Jones, 2; T. McGee, 2; E. Infante, 1; Q. Savage, 1

Pleasant Grove 3PFGM: Henry, 2; Lloyd, 2

Paris 3PFGM: N/A

Pleasant Grove FT: 5-for-10; Henry, 4-6; Ware, 1-4

Paris FT: 2-for-5; T. McGee, 2-3; Q. Savage, 0-2

Geoff Heppes is sports editor for The Paris News. He can be reached at 903-785-6967 or at

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