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PATTONVILLE — Prairiland High School’s athletic director, Greg Mouser, resigned from his A.D. position, which has been confirmed by Prairiland ISD superintendent Jeff Ballard. He said he received Mouser’s letter of resignation before Christmas break, and the resignation became official after a board meeting was held on Monday night to vote on his resignation letter.

The Prairiland ISD school board voted 4 to 3 in favor of Mouser’s resignation letter. Board members Ronnie Bridges, John Dunagan, Ryan Gordon and Dustin Nation voted in favor of the resignation letter, while Jared Bankhead, David Basinger and Michael Sessums voted against it.

Numerous students showed their support for Mouser by writing letters to the board and speaking at the board meeting, which is something that resonates with Mouser.

“I was appreciative of the kids to come out and basically ask the school board to reject my resignation letter — that felt really good as a coach to have so many kids basically ask for me to stay, and I appreciate that more than they’ll ever know,” Mouser said. “It makes you feel like you at least got through to one or two, or that there’s a level of respect you’re looking for as a coach.”

Ballard said Mouser will remain the acting A.D. until he accepts another position, the school hires a new A.D. or he finishes out his contract this school year to his preference. He said Mouser has job offers and it is his call if he finishes out his contract or takes another job.

Ballard noted his gratitude to Mouser and his contributions to Prairiland in his three years as the athletic director as well as what he has done for the student athletes of Prairiland ISD.

“(Greg) Mouser came in here three years ago with a lot of new ideals and energy, and he’s made a big difference with all of the kids,” Ballard said. “He’s been a big mentor to the kids, and they have really rallied around him. He’s done a great job. I feel like our program has been better under his tutelage, I feel like we are in a better place, and we wish Coach Mouser well in his future endeavors in what he wishes to do. We appreciate everything Coach Mouser has done for us, and I really truly feel like the kids see Coach Mouser as a positive influence in their lives.”

Mouser came to Pattonville after 13 years as the defensive coordinator for Argyle High School as a part of 25-plus years of total coaching experience. During his three seasons as the Prairiland Patriots’ head football coach, Mouser finished with an overall record of 4-26 with a pair of district wins. Despite the low win total, Mouser believed the culture was changing although he respects and understands the precedence of winning.

“So much of what you do as a coach is judged based off what you do on the scoreboard, and not so much the little things that occur,” Mouser said. “Part of it I think is a trickle-down effect similar to that of college and the NFL. The kids got significantly better from our first year to our third year, and I really thought we were headed on the right track. The wins didn’t come as fast as we wanted them to, but I thought from where we started to where we are now was significant. My whole goal whether I was here for two years, 10 years or 20 years, was to leave this place better than I’ve found it. I think I’ve accomplished that, but that’s where we are at this day and age — if you don’t put those wins on the scoreboard, then there is a lot of pressure. I just thought the time was kind of right to move on and alleviate that pressure.”

Although coaching football took a great deal of his time and energy, Mouser knew he had another job to do as well. The girls athletic programs have thrived with Mouser as athletic director, including a run to the regional tournament by the Lady Patriots volleyball team this past year, along with consistent playoff appearances by the softball team. In addition to that, the boys basketball program has reached the playoffs four years in a row, with three of those coming with Mouser as the school’s A.D.

Mouser said he was proud of and enjoyed supporting all the athletic programs across the board at Prairiland as the school’s athletic director.

“I think overall I did my best to show every sport is the same, or every sport should be at least supported the same,” Mouser said. “Girls should be supported just as much as the boys programs, and to get those different kids from both the boys and the girls programs to buy into what we were doing. It was different for the boys and the girls when I got here, but at this point now, I feel like it’s a well-oiled machine. I can walk into if the girls are in the weight room, and it runs just as smoothly if I was walking into the boys' off-season program. It’s about everyone and every sport having value — it doesn’t matter what gender or sport it is — everyone should be supported the same, and I think that’s one of the things I’m most proud of overall as the athletic director.”

Moving forward, Mouser knows his options and is keeping everything open at this point as he looks to do what is best for him and his family.

“It’s a situation where I’m really kind of open,” Mouser said. “Obviously, I’d like to be a head coach again, so I have resumes out there where there are head coaching jobs that are open. At the same time, I’m open to an assistant spot. I’d like to think I have a pretty decent resume, and I don’t think it should be extremely difficult to get an assistant job. I’m open to either one. I do have my youngest child who is going to be a freshman in high school this next year, and to be in a situation to allow him those four years of high school. … I have had several people show interest within a few days of the break beginning, and we will just kind of see what happens — I’m open at this point.”

Geoff Heppes is sports editor for The Paris News. He can be reached at 903-785-6967 or at

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