Despite thunderstorm warnings, crowds rolled in to watch their favorite racers compete as the Paris Dragstrip hosted its weekly drag race on Saturday.

The family-friendly event revved up fans who loved the thrill of seeing a car fly down the strip, reaching speeds up to 100 mph or more. They cheered as drivers revved their engines and created trails of smoke with their tires. Loud pops and roars of engines were heard consistently throughout the competition, and those lucky enough to be pit side got an even more surreal experience.

“I Love Paris Dragstrip, the owners, and all the staff. Everyone is great. The racing is fun and the environment is old school and laid back. Great place for the whole family to participate or just watch,” said David Fazanade, owner of Fazanade Race Cars in Tyler.

Races at the dragstrip usually have a lot of competitors, with this race bringing in more from out of town than previous races. These races feature a diverse range of vehicles from Ford trucks to vintage Chevrolet cars.

The Paris Dragstrip measures at an eighth of a mile. In a typical drag racing contest, the speed and time it takes for a vehicle to accelerate is measured. Those with the fastest times in their round then advance to the next round until one racer is left in their class. The Paris Dragstrip has four different classes: Super Pro, Footbrake, Sportsman and Junior Dragster.

In Super pro, the winner was Jake Erwin and the runner up was Brian Hughes. In footbrake, the winner was Hughes and the runner up was Josh Reynolds. In Sportsman, the winner was Nicole Bolton and the runner up was Tim Baker. In Junior Dragster, the winner was Graeme Rufenacht and the runner up was Ella Lane.

There are races every Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Paris Dragstrip for those interested in joining the fun.

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