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According to the American Cancer Society, the average 5-year survival rate for pancreatic cancers depends on the SEER stage, surveillance, epidemiology, and end result. SEER stages can be classified as localized, regional, or distant, depending on how far the disease has spread.


Way back in the mid-1990s, the Bassmasters organization reached out to me, asking if I’d consider serving as the announcer for a number of Texas competitions. I believe the late Bob Ferris was spread so thin in that position he needed some help, and since I’d proven that public speaking came easily to me, it might have been a good deal.

DEJA VIEW: Jennifer Lopez has done a lot of fluff in her day. “Gigli” and “Anaconda” come to mind. Her career has been kinda all over the place. She’s an actress, a singer, she’s shilled for L’Oreal and Fiat, donned clothes for Hilfiger, cut albums, judged reality shows. She’s made some terrible movies. Again, “Gigli,” comes to mind. She’s made some mediocre movies, like “Monster-in-Law” (though Jane Fonda shares the blame), and “Maid in Manhattan.” But then she’s done some good movies: 1998’s “Out of Sight” with George Clooney is one of them. And now there’s “The Mother,” a thriller with Joseph Fiennes and Gael Garcia Bernal, that’s way out of Lopez’ comfort zone. In it, Lopez plays a military operative named the “Mother,” who is brokering an arms deal between an ex-Marine, Adrian Lovell (Fiennes) and an arms dealer, Hector Alvarez (Bernal), She’s romantically involved with both of them and pregnant. When she discovers they’re involved with child trafficking, she volunteers to be an FBI informant. But Lovell finds out and they track her to a house in a suburb where she’s being taped. One is killed, the Bureau’s William Cruise is wounded, but Mother gives him some quick battlefield aid and drags him out, but not before Lovell stabs her in the belly. Her daughter is delivered prematurely. Mother knows the child will never be safe with her and signs away parental rights on three conditions: the child will have a normal upbringing, Mother gets a photo every year on her birthday, and to call her if the child is ever in jeopardy. The baby is whisked away, and Mother disappears in upstate Alaska. She has 12 years of peace, honing her hunting skills, and living off the land. She knows she’ll get the call some day, there were too many loose ends. And it comes with a call from Cruise. He reports that the ATF busted some of Alvarez’ men in Mexico and they had a photo of daughter Zoe. Mother returns to the lower 48. She and Cruise are watching Zoe when she’s taken, right in front of them. Mother gets her back, and Zoe’s dragged, figuratively — not kicking and screaming, but pouting and angry — back to Mother’s hiding place in Alaska. Mother can’t give her a lot, but she can show her how to protect herself. Some bonding is going on, nothing too warm and toasty mind you, but there’s a semblance of it. Zoe has guessed who Mother is, she just can’t get her to say it. Yes, there’s a denouement, of course, all that training for nothing. And the actor playing Cruise is Omari Hardwick. Niki Caro, who did Disney’s live action version of “Mulan,” directed. This was a good move for Lopez and it’s streaming on Netflix. See you at the movies. Toni Clem is a Paris resident and has been writing Deja View for 39 years.


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