Lou Antonelli

Lou Antonelli

CLARKSVILLE — With the confirmation of John Ratcliffe as director of National Intelligence on Thursday, candidates will be stepping forward to run for the open Congressional seat.

The Libertarian Party has announced its nominee for District 4 is Lou Antonelli of Clarksville in Red River County, a small business owner with a long record of public service and community involvement. Antonelli pledges to run a full-fledged active campaign.

Antonelli said his goal running as a third party candidate is to inject original ideas into the discussion, and push for the Libertarian Party to become the second party in the district, displacing the Democrats.

“Can you imagine how much better our political system would be if the two major parties were the Republicans and Libertarians, instead of the Republicans and Democrats?” Antonelli asked. “Libertarians are the loyal opposition, as opposed to the Democrats, who are the disloyal opposition.”

Antonelli said Libertarians stand for hacking away strangling bureaucracy at all levels of government, and returning as much authority as possible to individuals.

“Thanks to the Covid pandemic, we have all gotten a free trial of socialism,” he said. “How do you like it?”

Lou and his wife, Patricia Antonelli, own The Clarksville Times, founded in 1873, the oldest business in Red River County. He is the managing editor, and he has been a community journalist for 40 years.

He has served in the past as an elected school trustee, a library trustee, an animal shelter board member and a condemnation court judge. He is presently the president of the Clarksville Lions Club.

Lou Antonelli can be reached by cellphone at 903-257-6573. His office number at The Clarksville Times in 903-427-0002, or he can be emailed at theclarksvilletimes@gmail.com.

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