Trinity Christian Academy has released its honor rolls for the fourth quarter of the 2019-20 school year.

A Honor Roll

Kindergarten: Ethan Dickson, Matthew Hall, Paisleigh Jackson, Lloyd Misiowiec and Ashtyn Parrott.

First-grade: Isabelle Jolley, Cwyn Pyeatt, Reese Spencer and Laney Welch.

Second-grade: Amara Chira, Morgan Gates, Hagan Gose, Addison Hadley, Truly Hubbard, Cora Lindgren, Eli Nutt, Kala West and Dylan Wicks.

Third-grade: Perry Bradshaw, Bryson Bush, Austin Hall and Drew Pruett.

Fourth-grade: Logan Boyd, Carmen Nesbit, Luke Nutt, John Pyeatt, Zoey Syring and Marcos Vella-Chavez.

Fifth-grade: Rimini Covington, Zach Dickson, Allison Grindle, Abigail Merritt, Morgan Puckett, Cutter Weets, Keyton Wicks and Dakota Wiltse.

Sixth-grade: Breā€™Nae Bass, Loerweez Bercasio, Alivia Crawford, Landon Hahn, Ruby Lenoir, Macy Moffitt, Faith Nutt, Cenzie Pyeatt, Carson Rempel, Landry Spencer and Mackenna Wiltse.

Seventh-grade: Kylie Barber and Avery Spencer.

Eight-grade: Kate Brannon, Ward Hadley and Ellie Hubbard.

Ninth-grade: Veronika Baird, Tiffany Loewen and Eden Mckay.

12th-grade: Rebecca Chira.

A/B Honor roll

Kindergarten: Kollin White.

First-grade: Alex Crawford and Madison Higdon.

Third-grade: Jacob Dacus, Kaydon Dyck, Anthony Loewen and Timothy Loewen.

Fourth-grade: Nathaniel Dacus, Wesley Hadley, Myka Hollenshead and Aubrey Thiessen.

Fifth-grade: Tristan Dyck.

Sixth-grade: Carson Nesbit.

Seventh-grade: Dakota Berquist, Galatia Binger and Bethany Loewen.

Eight-grade: Nicole West, Shea Wren and Braeden Yetz.

Ninth-grade: Isaiah Binger, Jehma Nesbit and Madison Puckett.

10th-grade: Grade 10: Jeremiah Yetz.

11th-grade: Kendal Boles, Elena Covington, Hope Huddleston, Lainy Jones and Lukas Nesbit.

12th-grade: Caroline Smallwood and Eliza Wickersham.

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