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BOGATA — The Rivercrest ISD board of trustees approved their back to school plan at Monday night’s board meeting, and they set the tax rate.

Board member Ryan Case said there was a lot of discussion about whether the district should require masks. The board agreed to not require masks just yet.

“They are supposed to have the plan on the website,” he said.

The plan, at rivercrestisd.net, states that while masks are not required, they are heavily recommended for students and staff. Rivercrest ISD is in Red River County, and the plan also states that if the number of active cases rises above 20, the district will then require masks from everyone.

According to the plan, visitors will be restricted to those essential for school operations. Non-emergency drop-offs such as snacks, lunch, instruments, etc., are highly discouraged; because of limited space, parents will not be allowed to eat lunch at the school until further notice; all individuals entering the building will be required to wear face coverings; upon entering the building, visitors will report to the campus office to be screened for Covid-19 symptoms; and campuses will utilize virtual meeting options to limit campus visitors when possible. If virtual meengs are not possible, social distancing will be maintained throughout the meeting.

If a staff member or student presents with symptoms, they will be sent home and required to get tested. Those who came in close contact with a lab-confirmed case will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.

For the full document, visit this story at www.theparisnews.com.

The board also voted to set taxes at the same rate as last year’s, according to Case.

“The state lowered our M&O (maintenance and operations) by 1 cent, and we increased our I&S (interest and sinking) rate by 1 cent,” he said.

The tax rate will sit at $1.2884 per $100 valuation.

For students who are sticking with at-home learning, the district put in place a new local internet safety policy.

“With the online learning, if people do not have internet at home, we are going to issue them jetpacks,” Case said.

Though the jetpack internet device is “pretty well locked down,” he said, just to be on the safe side, the district is making parents sign an internet safety form.

A special board meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 25. Students return to school on Aug. 28.

Kim Cox is the city editor for The Paris News. She can be reached at 903-785-6965 or at kim.cox@theparisnews.com.

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