Recycling bins

Each recycle bin, such as this one at Wade Park, lists the types of items people can place in them.

Paris residents, start gathering up all that paper, plastic, aluminum, tin and cardboard you’ve been saving because recycling is back starting July 1.

The City of Paris Recycling program was suspended in mid-March when the Choctaw Recycling Center shut its doors due to Covid-19. Now that the Choctaw Center has reopened, the city’s recycling program can restart too, but with a few modifications.

There will no longer be blue recycling collection bins located around Paris. Instead, there will be one centralized and monitored recycling drop off location at the City of Paris Compost site at 705 Field St. This site will be open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. A current City of Paris water bill and valid driver’s license must be presented to the site attendant before recycling can be dropped off.

The kinds of materials accepted for recycling remain the same as they were previously. These include plastics (1, 2 and 5 types), magazines, junk mail, newspapers, phone books, shredded paper, cardboard, empty printer ink cartridges, aluminum and tin cans, and Styrofoam. There is no need to sort any of these recyclables before they are dropped off. All sorting is done at the Choctaw Recycling Center.

Batteries, chemicals, paint, furniture, household trash, appliances and glass will not be accepted.

“When the City of Paris recycling program was launched in 2016, our community really stepped up to make it a success. We know the recent suspension of the program was difficult, and we appreciate everyone’s patience while we worked out the relaunch details. Now that the program is about to start back up in this new format we hope our citizens will make it even more successful than it was before,” said Edwayne Samis, City of Paris Traffic and Sanitation superintendent. 

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That's good news. It would also be good if County resident's could participate in the recycling. Maybe a small fee per standard 13 gallon size kitchen bag? I know many folks in the county want to get back to recycling too.


This article is stupid. It shows a blue recycling bin noting the types of materials that you can recycle. Further down the article says there will be NO blue bins to drop off your recycle and that you now have to drive to 300 Field St. to dropoff your recycle and you can only drop them off on certain days and certain hours. Looks like I won't be recycling again since you made it harder to do. How Stupid.


Will residents of Reno be allowed to bring things to recycling center?


[thumbdown] That's why I couldn't find the blue bins anywhere... As a county resident, I didn't realize the program had been temporarily suspended. It does beg the question - why? What happened to the blue bins? I understand why they were pulled, to prevent people from adding items when the bins weren't being serviced, but who owns them? Who paid for them? Why get rid of them altogether? The recycling program will not be even fractionally as beneficial, as it prohibits non-residents from participating. Like another stated - stupid!

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